Baby Yoda Goes Viral

Baby Yoda is exactly what you’re imagining it to be…Baby Yoda has become viral on all social media platforms and that’s not the only thing that has a lot of attention.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Episode 2 Confirms New ...

Not only has Baby Yoda taken over Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter, he is also a passage to the newest streaming service called Disney+.

The Mandalorian is a show on Disney+ which features this wholesome, adorable and cozy version of Yoda, Baby Yoda. Disney+ knows exactly what they’re doing by marketing Baby Yoda as their own meme! Disney+ is gaining a lot of attention due to how many memes are being made that are including Baby Yoda. Here are some prime examples of what I mean:

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I would say that this one is the most relatable to me!

I think Disney is one of the smartest companies to exist. They have been so clever with their marketing tactics and it is amazing to see the rise in various streaming services. Disney is being strategic with using Baby Yoda in order to gain more subscriptions, an massive audience, and a way to lure more popularity towards a show on their service. Disney+ plans to do more of the Baby Yoda luring, except not using Baby Yoda.


Lyft becoming a major issue in regards to human trafficking

Human trafficking or sex trafficking, is becoming a major issue and sadly a popular issue. This article discusses the problems customers of Lyft are facing with Lyft drivers.

Do You Even Lyft, Bro? Well, Now the Chippewa Valley Does

Lyft and Uber are both very popular apps in our modern society, overtaking taxis. The real question is… are these apps actually a safer alternative?

Most recently, about 20 women have sued Lyft on behave of sexual assault and rape. Lyft obviously didn’t do a good job on ensuring safety of their customers. It is interesting to know that Lyft no only didn’t ensure safety of their customers but also aware that there were complaints of sexual misconduct for the past four years…

Lyft responded by updating features on the app such as adding a “panic button” and an immediate request to dial 911. These features did little to nothing to really focus at the overlying issue. Lyft has to do more than just add more features to their app that might not even prevent sexual assault and rape to occur.

There was a viral video that was about a mother who needed to be transported to work, as soon as she mentioned that the driver was going another way he locked the doors and attempted to take her to an eerie area. There are many videos like this one where the customer will literally record themselves and let everyone know which area they were in, what kind of car the Lyft driver was driving and more information in order to keep other customers safe. Wouldn’t that be Lyft’s job…?

Ford and Lyft will work together to deploy autonomous cars ...

Personally, I am a user of Uber and Lyft and its quite sad to realize that it can be ANYONE. There are so many places that were once safe, now super dangerous and require you to be super cautious. You would think that these drivers are double-checked in regards to their background records but Lyft’s lack of care and responsibility makes us think otherwise.

The Difficulty of Animated Costume Design

Frozen’s animated artists discuss how hard it was to create Frozen 2’s costume designs due to a more in-depth set of details in the movie.

The Story of Frozen: Making a Disney Animated Classic

Griselda S. Lemay and Brittney Lee are members of the visual development team at the Disney corporation, which means that they are the animators of the film. This includes the environment of the movie, props, characters and especially their costumes.

Lemay mentions that the creation of Frozen 2 was a very complicated process and probably the most complex of any other animated movie. She states that it is due to the advancement of computer generated imagery and 3D technology. Although it was a difficult process for both Lee and Lemay, they found the challenge very exciting and educational. Examples of detailed animations included: bead work, sequins, enhancing fabric on the characters and the C.G.I. behind each kind of textures. There is emphasis on how important the movement of the characters are within the movie. They explain that if Elsa or Anna were wearing velvet, that it should have the movement of cotton wear. They also talk about the importance of their wardrobes and how they didn’t want to update their wardrobes too much and take away from their already- built-in personalities. The animators also talk on behalf of their adventures in the movie and considered how their wardrobes would work in regards to their adventures. This included adding pants to their wardrobes, they were underneath their dresses but were added to help them function.

Not only were perfecting animations an important aspect to making Frozen 2 but the fact that audiences and children will want to wear these kinds of costumes came into play when making the animations and alterations. The animators curated their illustrations based on the audience and the feel of the film.

Frozen Behind the Scenes

The process of making a movie is already a difficult concept. I can only image how hard it is to animate each section and scene of a children’s movie. Animation is all about the perfection of the drawing, which all handmade or expertly controlled by technology. There is so much time to put into perfecting one image, which I think is insane talent. From the establishment to animation to what it is now, I believe that there is less appreciation in the animation world and I feel like there should be more praise about it.


Tinder, Bumble and now… Facebook Dating?!

Yup! You read correctly, and probably saw apps about it as well! Facebook Dating is a new 2019 feature that the site has inputted into its untrustworthy application.

Facebook Dating Is A New App That Hopes To Match You With ...

This article shows you how Facebook Dating works. Facebook Dating isn’t an app within itself, it is built into Facebook. Basically, there is a dating option that takes you to the dating section of Facebook. Just like any other dating app, you pick your preferred gender, an image of yourself, and your location. It states that “Facebook skims your non-dating profile”, which means that Facebook is scanning normal Facebook profiles… This sounds very sketchy and unneeded.

Should We Swipe Right on Facebook Dating? | A Little Nudge

As if Facebook doesn’t already know enough about our lives, it now has to be nosy enough and have information on our relationships. This does not sound like a great idea to me for many reasons. First of all, Facebook is used by older people now which does not make sense for a young adult to be fishing the sea of 30 and 40 year-olds. Second of all, there are so many issues in regards to Facebook information and privacy that I simply would not trust it. Lastly, there are apps that have already grabbed a lot of attention are are doing a bit better than Facebook would. If this was implemented when Facebook was more trendy, I think it might’ve worked.

TikTok, Vine’s rebirth, threatening our national security??

Yes, you read the heading correctly, TikTok might be a threatening app.

For those of you who don’t know, TikTok is an app that consists of videos ranging fro 15-60 seconds of random funny, artistic, and aesthetic videos. TikTok can be compared to Vine, which was a similar app that ended in 2017. There were rumors that Vine ended due to content creators taking it too far and harming themselves during stunts they would do. Could TikTok be in a frenzy as well now?

TikTok - Wikipedia

TikTok is a Chinese-owned app that is super popular in the United States. Senators, Chuck Schumer and Tom Cotton, requested for U.S. intelligence officials to investigate for any threats to American national security. In order to start their investigation, they turn to TikTok’s data practices to decide if the Chinese government has any evidence or control on what specific content U.S. citizens can see on TikTok.

Overtime there was concern over companies that had relations with China. In the article it states: “China hawks like Cotton and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) launched attacks against telecom companies like Huawei and ZTE regarding their allegiance to the Chinese government” (Kelly, M). There has been similarity of criticism with the issue mentioned, on TikTok. This can be an issue because TikTok is used active worldwide and over 120 million times in America.

Quote from the article: “These Chinese-owned apps are increasingly being used to censor content and silence open discussion on topics deemed sensitive by the Chinese Government and Community Party,” Rubio said at the time (Kelly, M). This quote is very interesting to me, I feel like the Chinese-app is mostly ran by American citizens. The U.S. is more open-minded and open for discussion which is interesting that these Chinese-owned apps are being used to censor.

TikTok Revenue and Usage Statistics (2019) - Business of Apps

Disney+ Launches a long list of Movies and TV Shows

Disney seems to know what its doing when it comes to this new streaming idea…

Disney+ just released a whole bunch of content that they are going to be providing for their audiences. They announced their list on Twitter, posting a thread of all of the great and nostalgic movies/shows that they know people will die to see.

Disney+ will for sure have many deals once it is released in November, their goal is to wow customers and I believe that they have already done so. They shared at least 500 classic Disney movies and old shows like Hannah Montana and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. They also include Marvel movies and newer movies like the remake of High School Musical. There are a lot of content that is loved by many people, which is exactly what they know and share with absolute pride.

There are also movies that bring me back to elementary school such as Cow Belles and The Shaggy Dog, which are mentioned in the article featured. Although I most likely won’t by a subscription to Disney+, I am pretty excited that the old shows are coming back in some way!

It is very smart for Disney to post their list of content that will appear on Disney+ on Twitter. I feel like that is the best place to post about it since many of the young adults who grew up with Disney channel are the most active people on Twitter.

Fox 29 anchor, Jason Martinez, types a rude message to an Instagram activist


Jason Martinez, a Fox 29 news anchor, decided to send a mean direct message to an anti- bullying activist on Instagram. The activists name is Lizzie Velasquez, who is an author and motivational speaker.

His direct message said: “God. That’s scary.” This was towards an Instagram post she made on a Monday. She made a post about his rude comment and stated that “he did reach out to apologize which I will always accept and offer forgiveness.” She also states that she is going to give him “the benefit of the doubt and say you didn’t mean to say this to me.” I give her credit and I am inspired by the fact that she was very mature and positive about the whole situation. I could only imagine how painful it was for her to see that message, especially on social media.

Martinez also posted on his Instagram, which was a public apology. I find it interesting that he said what he said, was there a reason for this comment? How would making a rude comment like that be “a mistake”? He mentions that it was an accident, which is really iffy and weird… people control what they do and say on social media and it just doesn’t add up on how this was an accidental comment.

People on Twitter were talking about this situation and wanted the Fox 29 anchor to be fired from the news station. It seems that many others had the same opinion as I mentioned, the situation just doesn’t add up on his behalf. His apology seems forced and either way saying that something he completely chose to do was an accident, just doesn’t make sense.

It is quite ironic and unprofessional that a news anchor would cyber bully an anti-bullying activist. I feel like it could’ve been a publicity stunt or just plain rudeness, either way he had no right to be so cruel to the young woman.

Locast, a non- profit streaming services sues BIG media companies

Disney’s ABC, CBS, Comcast’s NBCUniversal and Fox were all countersued by a non-profit streaming service called Locast. You might be wondering: why?

According to a CNN article by Kerry Flynn, Locast sued these companies because they violated code of conduct and illegally worked together to grow the strength of their market. Why might Locast be angry and involved? Locast has the right to be raged because they stream content from these media companies on their provided service.

The issue took a war turn when the companies Locast wanted to countersue joined together to accuse Locast of copyright violations. To give more context about Locast, they are a free app to users and they are available in thirteen cities, including major ones like New York. They stream from bigger companies for people who don’t really rely on a antenna.

After being accused of copyright allegations, Locast denied it stating that they are a non-profit company. The article specifically states that, “Goodfriend launched Locast in January 2018 within a non-profit entity, which argues that the company has the legal right to rebroadcast local stations without being accused of copyright notice from networks” (Flynn, 2019).

There have been many times where a streaming service has gone against a network. This topic is interesting because it seemed pretty childish to me. If the non-profit called out big companies on an issue, why would they turn around and also point the finger at Locast? Locast streams their content, giving them a wider audience. Just because it is a non-profit and they are supported differently, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be affected.


Did we allow third-party keyboards to send data to the web without asking?


According to Welch, we might have allowed this to happen. Apple just launched their updated software system, iOS 13.1 and iPadOS. There is an issue with this situation, Apple isn’t so sure that another bug is not being fixed just yet.

Due to an unfixed bug, the keyboards in the new update can be able to gain information from the user and thus can send data onto the internet. The scary part is that it could evidently include anything you type. This is worrisome because many young people engage more through text messaging and say more intimate or serious information. Examples of third-party keyboards are Grammarly, SwiftKey, and Google’s Gboard.

It is warned that if a user has avoided granting full access, they would be recommended to deleting third-party keyboards until further notice by Apple.

Personally, I could see this issue being intentional. Various media platforms are craving for more data on consumers. How far can companies go about selling data? Maybe it has benefitted third- party keyboard companies? Who really knows?


The new Apple TV Plus streaming service for children?

Helpsters, Apple TV Plus

Apple is coming out with a new streaming service on November 1st, 2019. The streaming service will charge $4.99 a month for their customers. They released two new trailers on children’s shows, Helpsters and Ghostwriter. Helpsters is made by the Sesame Workshop, this show is based on monster characters who help solve problems throughout the show! What is interesting about the show is that it is more based on computer programming which gives children an idea of coding.

Referring to Helpsters, I believe that it is a bit too early to introduce children to computer programming. Children should be learning more about letters and numbers, rather than the computer. It seems a bit controversial because of analysis on how computers, the Internet, and mediums can impact children negatively.

Ghostwriter, 2019

The other show, Ghostwriter, is based on children who teach reading and writing. This show is a PBS reboot, which is quite obvious because PBS does well with teaching kids in a way where technology isn’t involved. It also involves fictional characters in real life, which is a fun way to learn through a television screen.

With Disney+ coming out on November 12th, I am curious to see what will happen when Apple TV Plus and Disney+ are released. Both streaming services target children and it seems like there is going to be mass competition between the two streaming services.