City to require vaccine proof for indoor dining and indoor events

Image Credit: Philly Magazine

The city will start requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination for multiple things including indoor dining and entry to indoor sporting events. Taking effect in the new year, January 3rd 2022 announced by public health officials.

This decision was made from seeing as the city’s COVID rates double within the past few weeks with hospitalizations up to a increase by 50%.

Now with the cold weather fast approaching and indoor gatherings becoming prominent for this season, the goal is to decrease the risk of transmission to avoid another lockdown that happened back in early 2020. With the goal in mind the vaccination mandate is to help slow the spread down.

Philadelphia is amongst other cities including San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles that are now requiring citizens to show proof of vaccination status to enter different establishments.

Mayor Kenny talks about his experience while in New York City and how it was not in issue at all. You just need to present a form of ID and vaccination card to enter the establishment.


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