Lyft becoming a major issue in regards to human trafficking

Human trafficking or sex trafficking, is becoming a major issue and sadly a popular issue. This article discusses the problems customers of Lyft are facing with Lyft drivers.

Do You Even Lyft, Bro? Well, Now the Chippewa Valley Does

Lyft and Uber are both very popular apps in our modern society, overtaking taxis. The real question is… are these apps actually a safer alternative?

Most recently, about 20 women have sued Lyft on behave of sexual assault and rape. Lyft obviously didn’t do a good job on ensuring safety of their customers. It is interesting to know that Lyft no only didn’t ensure safety of their customers but also aware that there were complaints of sexual misconduct for the past four years…

Lyft responded by updating features on the app such as adding a “panic button” and an immediate request to dial 911. These features did little to nothing to really focus at the overlying issue. Lyft has to do more than just add more features to their app that might not even prevent sexual assault and rape to occur.

There was a viral video that was about a mother who needed to be transported to work, as soon as she mentioned that the driver was going another way he locked the doors and attempted to take her to an eerie area. There are many videos like this one where the customer will literally record themselves and let everyone know which area they were in, what kind of car the Lyft driver was driving and more information in order to keep other customers safe. Wouldn’t that be Lyft’s job…?

Ford and Lyft will work together to deploy autonomous cars ...

Personally, I am a user of Uber and Lyft and its quite sad to realize that it can be ANYONE. There are so many places that were once safe, now super dangerous and require you to be super cautious. You would think that these drivers are double-checked in regards to their background records but Lyft’s lack of care and responsibility makes us think otherwise.


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