Concert Cancellations Due to Omicron Variant

Over the past month, the world learned about the new COVID variant, Omicron. While people began to think the worst was over from the coronavirus pandemic, the world was working towards opening back up again. Unfortunately, we have been hit with a reality check with Omicron as people are starting to become more cautious about going out. The music scene that seemed to be back up and running with live events, now have many artists calling for cancellations until further notice. 

These cancellations are a concern for the music industry. If another possible lockdown is on the rise, this disruption will change the organizational structure of the market as “the surging COVID-19 pandemic’s toll on an already-struggling industry” (Billboard). Artists such as Taylor Swift, BTS, Doja Cat, and many more have announced cancellations. People can refer to the Billboard article to keep track of the shows put on pause for another year. 



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