Baby Yoda Goes Viral

Baby Yoda is exactly what you’re imagining it to be…Baby Yoda has become viral on all social media platforms and that’s not the only thing that has a lot of attention.

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Not only has Baby Yoda taken over Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter, he is also a passage to the newest streaming service called Disney+.

The Mandalorian is a show on Disney+ which features this wholesome, adorable and cozy version of Yoda, Baby Yoda. Disney+ knows exactly what they’re doing by marketing Baby Yoda as their own meme! Disney+ is gaining a lot of attention due to how many memes are being made that are including Baby Yoda. Here are some prime examples of what I mean:

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I would say that this one is the most relatable to me!

I think Disney is one of the smartest companies to exist. They have been so clever with their marketing tactics and it is amazing to see the rise in various streaming services. Disney is being strategic with using Baby Yoda in order to gain more subscriptions, an massive audience, and a way to lure more popularity towards a show on their service. Disney+ plans to do more of the Baby Yoda luring, except not using Baby Yoda.


One thought on “Baby Yoda Goes Viral

  1. Having not watched the Mandalorian yet, Disney incorporating one of its major characters in a much more appealing fashion is genius marketing. For those that don’t watch Star Wars, this allows Disney+ users to see what all the fuss is about when viewing the show. For Disney, this garners more viewers per episode and exemplifies a brilliant strategy in creating new experiences for not only new viewers, but regulars apart of the fandom as well.


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