Fox 29 anchor, Jason Martinez, types a rude message to an Instagram activist


Jason Martinez, a Fox 29 news anchor, decided to send a mean direct message to an anti- bullying activist on Instagram. The activists name is Lizzie Velasquez, who is an author and motivational speaker.

His direct message said: “God. That’s scary.” This was towards an Instagram post she made on a Monday. She made a post about his rude comment and stated that “he did reach out to apologize which I will always accept and offer forgiveness.” She also states that she is going to give him “the benefit of the doubt and say you didn’t mean to say this to me.” I give her credit and I am inspired by the fact that she was very mature and positive about the whole situation. I could only imagine how painful it was for her to see that message, especially on social media.

Martinez also posted on his Instagram, which was a public apology. I find it interesting that he said what he said, was there a reason for this comment? How would making a rude comment like that be “a mistake”? He mentions that it was an accident, which is really iffy and weird… people control what they do and say on social media and it just doesn’t add up on how this was an accidental comment.

People on Twitter were talking about this situation and wanted the Fox 29 anchor to be fired from the news station. It seems that many others had the same opinion as I mentioned, the situation just doesn’t add up on his behalf. His apology seems forced and either way saying that something he completely chose to do was an accident, just doesn’t make sense.

It is quite ironic and unprofessional that a news anchor would cyber bully an anti-bullying activist. I feel like it could’ve been a publicity stunt or just plain rudeness, either way he had no right to be so cruel to the young woman.


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