COVID Cases on the Rise

Photo Credit: CDC

With the newly developed Omicron variant, The US passes another milestone of more than 80,000 Americans dying from the virus.

With the winter and cold weather ahead this number is expected to increase at a rapid rate. By Monday the number will already have been increased due to state and local officials updating data. Government and health officials are urging for everyone to get vaccinated, to avoid another lockdown. The vaccine is the best way to beat this as officals think this winter could be brutal.

As of right now, 33 states including the Virgin Islands have seen a rapid increase of deaths the past two weeks as the colder weather is starting to set in and people getting lazy with precautions.

According to data from the CDC, the seven day death average in the US was 1,092 which equates to a increase of 27.8% increase from just last week.

As mentioned before the vaccine is the best way to beat this pandemic and help stop preventable deaths. Due to the politicization of the pandemic it has left minorities hesitant in getting the vaccine.


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