Factory Worker Survivor

Image Credit: NY Times

Factory worker, Mark Saxton was at his regular scheduled shift on Friday night as a Forklift operator at a candle factory when his night changed for the worst. Getting to work 30 minutes early he did everything as normal, greeted his supervisors and friends and got to work.

A few hours into the night after thinking nothing of it until after the third tornado warning he felt as if he was in immediate danger. Walking up to the door and seeing the clouds coming directly at him he started backing away but all of a sudden all around him everything started falling and erupting.

Without a chance to even shelter, Mark felt the aftermath of the tornado rapidly as walls were imploding and cries of help were being called for at every corner. Luckily his wife and kids a couple miles downtown were able to make it past the tornado. That cannot be said for many of his coworkers and his cousin.

Saxton talks about how everything just changes within a blink of an eye, but is thankful he made it out alive amongst his wife and children.


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