Disney+ Launches a long list of Movies and TV Shows

Disney seems to know what its doing when it comes to this new streaming idea…


Disney+ just released a whole bunch of content that they are going to be providing for their audiences. They announced their list on Twitter, posting a thread of all of the great and nostalgic movies/shows that they know people will die to see.

Disney+ will for sure have many deals once it is released in November, their goal is to wow customers and I believe that they have already done so. They shared at least 500 classic Disney movies and old shows like Hannah Montana and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. They also include Marvel movies and newer movies like the remake of High School Musical. There are a lot of content that is loved by many people, which is exactly what they know and share with absolute pride.

There are also movies that bring me back to elementary school such as Cow Belles and The Shaggy Dog, which are mentioned in the article featured. Although I most likely won’t by a subscription to Disney+, I am pretty excited that the old shows are coming back in some way!

It is very smart for Disney to post their list of content that will appear on Disney+ on Twitter. I feel like that is the best place to post about it since many of the young adults who grew up with Disney channel are the most active people on Twitter.


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