Temple University Bus Crash

Image Credit: Temple News

On December 11th, A Temple University Flight shuttle bus was involved in a crash. The crash occurred between 12th street on the corner of Dauphin and Nevada streets. While driving the bus driver heard a series of gun shots that startled him and caused him to cause a crash.

Once hearing the gunshots, the driver immediately stopped driving, causing a dark colored car to collide into his shuttle. Immediately after the car crashed into the bus the man driving came out and started firing his gun towards men nearby on 12th and Colona Street.

Philadelphia and Temple Police came to the scene and stated the Mini Cooper was seen circling the block multiple times before shooting. Luckily the bus was empty with no passengers and the bus driver was not hurt during the incident.

This marks the the second incident near campus where gun violence has been rampant as of late. The neighborhood and community has been quite on edge after the senseless murder of Samuel Collington right after Thanksgiving.

As of last week the Philadelphia Police Department has reported 531 homicides so far this year, which is a 15% increase from last year in 2020.


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