About the course

The media business is in the middle of a revolution. Significant and swiftly moving changes in the media business, including technology, distribution, content platforms, business models, even in styles of managing people and teams require different and evolving perspectives and approaches. This course combines lecture, vibrant class discussion, student presentations, personal reflection and guest speakers to explore and clarify these media business areas. Current Issues in Media Management is about the art, science, theory and practice about media. The course will focus on several areas including:

1) What are the skills and behaviors reflected in successful media managers today with respect to technology, entrepreneurship, innovation, communication and content development?

2) What are your own managerial preferences & skills and how can you build upon them?

3) What is the relationship between media business trends and the changing role of the media manager?

4) As media cycles flow round the clock in 24-7 fashion, how do media and content platforms converge, how do you predict and make decisions about future media, and how does big data play a part in understanding the media landscape and what’s ahead of us?