Tinder, Bumble and now… Facebook Dating?!

Yup! You read correctly, and probably saw apps about it as well! Facebook Dating is a new 2019 feature that the site has inputted into its untrustworthy application.

Facebook Dating Is A New App That Hopes To Match You With ...


This article shows you how Facebook Dating works. Facebook Dating isn’t an app within itself, it is built into Facebook. Basically, there is a dating option that takes you to the dating section of Facebook. Just like any other dating app, you pick your preferred gender, an image of yourself, and your location. It states that “Facebook skims your non-dating profile”, which means that Facebook is scanning normal Facebook profiles… This sounds very sketchy and unneeded.

Should We Swipe Right on Facebook Dating? | A Little Nudge

As if Facebook doesn’t already know enough about our lives, it now has to be nosy enough and have information on our relationships. This does not sound like a great idea to me for many reasons. First of all, Facebook is used by older people now which does not make sense for a young adult to be fishing the sea of 30 and 40 year-olds. Second of all, there are so many issues in regards to Facebook information and privacy that I simply would not trust it. Lastly, there are apps that have already grabbed a lot of attention are are doing a bit better than Facebook would. If this was implemented when Facebook was more trendy, I think it might’ve worked.


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