Locast, a non- profit streaming services sues BIG media companies

Disney’s ABC, CBS, Comcast’s NBCUniversal and Fox were all countersued by a non-profit streaming service called Locast. You might be wondering: why?

According to a CNN article by Kerry Flynn, Locast sued these companies because they violated code of conduct and illegally worked together to grow the strength of their market. Why might Locast be angry and involved? Locast has the right to be raged because they stream content from these media companies on their provided service.

The issue took a war turn when the companies Locast wanted to countersue joined together to accuse Locast of copyright violations. To give more context about Locast, they are a free app to users and they are available in thirteen cities, including major ones like New York. They stream from bigger companies for people who don’t really rely on a antenna.

After being accused of copyright allegations, Locast denied it stating that they are a non-profit company. The article specifically states that, “Goodfriend launched Locast in January 2018 within a non-profit entity, which argues that the company has the legal right to rebroadcast local stations without being accused of copyright notice from networks” (Flynn, 2019).

There have been many times where a streaming service has gone against a network. This topic is interesting because it seemed pretty childish to me. If the non-profit called out big companies on an issue, why would they turn around and also point the finger at Locast? Locast streams their content, giving them a wider audience. Just because it is a non-profit and they are supported differently, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be affected.

Source: https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/27/media/locast-streaming-lawsuit/index.html


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