The Difficulty of Animated Costume Design

Frozen’s animated artists discuss how hard it was to create Frozen 2’s costume designs due to a more in-depth set of details in the movie.

The Story of Frozen: Making a Disney Animated Classic

Griselda S. Lemay and Brittney Lee are members of the visual development team at the Disney corporation, which means that they are the animators of the film. This includes the environment of the movie, props, characters and especially their costumes.

Lemay mentions that the creation of Frozen 2 was a very complicated process and probably the most complex of any other animated movie. She states that it is due to the advancement of computer generated imagery and 3D technology. Although it was a difficult process for both Lee and Lemay, they found the challenge very exciting and educational. Examples of detailed animations included: bead work, sequins, enhancing fabric on the characters and the C.G.I. behind each kind of textures. There is emphasis on how important the movement of the characters are within the movie. They explain that if Elsa or Anna were wearing velvet, that it should have the movement of cotton wear. They also talk about the importance of their wardrobes and how they didn’t want to update their wardrobes too much and take away from their already- built-in personalities. The animators also talk on behalf of their adventures in the movie and considered how their wardrobes would work in regards to their adventures. This included adding pants to their wardrobes, they were underneath their dresses but were added to help them function.

Not only were perfecting animations an important aspect to making Frozen 2 but the fact that audiences and children will want to wear these kinds of costumes came into play when making the animations and alterations. The animators curated their illustrations based on the audience and the feel of the film.

Frozen Behind the Scenes

The process of making a movie is already a difficult concept. I can only image how hard it is to animate each section and scene of a children’s movie. Animation is all about the perfection of the drawing, which all handmade or expertly controlled by technology. There is so much time to put into perfecting one image, which I think is insane talent. From the establishment to animation to what it is now, I believe that there is less appreciation in the animation world and I feel like there should be more praise about it.



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