COVID Boosters VS. Omicron

Image Credit: City of Philadelphia

With the new Omicron variant everyones worry is if the vaccine will be effective towards the new variant and ones to come. Dr. Fauci reassures us that the vaccines including the booster shots are the most effective way in stopping the spread.

Fauci, claims that it is unlikely that more research will be needed to develop a new vaccine as he is confident that this vaccine will be enough. While the delta variant accounts for majority of the cases within the last couple months there have been outbreaks of the Omicron variant in at least if not 35+ states.

Omicron cases are only expected to increase with the cold weather and more indoor gatherings commemorate for the holidays.

Although no new vaccines are needed at the moment, vaccine manufactures are looking into research to develop a Omicron specific vaccine if possible. With that being said, it is urged that everyone eligible get the booster shot from ether Pfizer or Moderna since its the best way to stay healthy and avoid COVID.

Dr. Goodman, a professor at Georgetown states “despite promising data it is critical for drug companies to continue researching in reformulating the vaccine. If its not omicron it’s going to be another variant for sure.”


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