Music Industry is Going Green

Image Credit: Coldplay

With Global Warming on the rise in order to help the environment the music industry is doing its part by pledging net-zero emissions by 2050! A number of record labels such as Sony, Universal Music, and Warner Music have already committed and signed the Music Climate Pact. The Music Climate Pact is a global platform initiated by The UK’s Association of Independent Music. The Pact has multiple clauses that serve as a rule book that must be followed as part of the initiative.

Under the terms and conditions of the pact, labels who signed the pact also are expected their artists to speak out on issues involving the environment etc. This helps artists not only make a deeper connection with fans but also makes fans more aware of the environmental impacts within the music industry. One way they are going to implement this is by Spotify. With the help of Spotify data will be obtained to help drive emission reduction projects in a collaborative manner.

In October, Coldplay became one of the first bands to commit to a reduction while on tour. They also promised to fund tree planting with each ticket that is sold. During their upcoming 2022 world tour it will be powered by 100% renewable energy.


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