The new Apple TV Plus streaming service for children?

Helpsters, Apple TV Plus

Apple is coming out with a new streaming service on November 1st, 2019. The streaming service will charge $4.99 a month for their customers. They released two new trailers on children’s shows, Helpsters and Ghostwriter. Helpsters is made by the Sesame Workshop, this show is based on monster characters who help solve problems throughout the show! What is interesting about the show is that it is more based on computer programming which gives children an idea of coding.

Referring to Helpsters, I believe that it is a bit too early to introduce children to computer programming. Children should be learning more about letters and numbers, rather than the computer. It seems a bit controversial because of analysis on how computers, the Internet, and mediums can impact children negatively.

Ghostwriter, 2019

The other show, Ghostwriter, is based on children who teach reading and writing. This show is a PBS reboot, which is quite obvious because PBS does well with teaching kids in a way where technology isn’t involved. It also involves fictional characters in real life, which is a fun way to learn through a television screen.

With Disney+ coming out on November 12th, I am curious to see what will happen when Apple TV Plus and Disney+ are released. Both streaming services target children and it seems like there is going to be mass competition between the two streaming services.


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