Tiktok App usage surpasses Instagram and Snapchat for users aged 12 – 17 this year, according to new survey

image via https://techcrunch.com/2019/05/20/igtv-vs-tiktok-vs-snapchat/

Forrester Research has released data from their 2021 Forrester Analytics Consumer Technographics® US Youth Survey and the results are interesting as they vary greatly from their 2020 results.

For this survey, the company Forrester collected 4,602 online surveys of U.S. youth aged 12 to 17 years old. In 2020, Forrester’s research showed in their poll group Gen Z Youth (12 – 17), 50% used Tiktok weekly, 54% used Snapchat weekly and 61% used Instagram weekly. A year later, these percentages have shifted. While Snapchat usage stayed the same at 54%, Tiktok rose 13 points to 63% while Instagram took a 4 point ding to 57%.

Through further market research, Forrester strived to find why TikTok had such a sudden increase. They asked parents in their ConsumerVoices Online Research Community to ask their 12 – 17-year-old children why they enjoy using Tiktok. Many of the responses suggested:

Entertainment Value: Many kids used the words “fun” or “funny” when describing the content on the platform, saying videos there were funnier.

Short Watch Time: Many youth users enjoy the easy, scroll ability and bite-sized clips that their Tiktok FYPs have to offer.

A Place to Express Themselves: Many respondents enjoyed the ability to positively express themselves through the platform, like through dances.

Forrester also notes that while TikTok is a popular social media platform with Gen Z Youth, it is not the most popular. In the same survey, 72% of U.S. Youth respondents said they use Youtube at least weekly. – which is a 3 percent increase from the 2020 survey.

As future media professionals, this information like this is extremely important to our field of work. Knowing what media certain age groups are using daily can help us cater our content for them.

Proulx, Mike. “Weekly Usage Of TikTok Surpasses Instagram Among US Gen Z Youth” 18, November 2021. Forrester Research. https://www.forrester.com/blogs/weekly-usage-of-tiktok-surpasses-instagram-among-us-gen-z-youth/


Snapchat Makes Licensing Deal With Sony

Photo Via: musicbusinessworldwide.com

Snapchat has made a licensing deal with Sony Music Entertainment, permitting the use of the record company’s artists’ music on the app. This will grant Snapchat access to music from Sony’s three major labels Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. The terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Snapchat’s existing music partners include MERLIN Members, major publishers Sony Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group and Warner Chappell, Kobalt, BMG, NMPA, and DistroKid. Ben Schwerin, Head of Content and Partnerships at Snapchat commented, “Our new deal with Sony Music marks a major milestone as Snap now has partnerships with all the major labels, in addition to networks of independent labels and emerging artists.”

All music from these labels will be available in the music catalogue of Snapchat’s Sound Feature. This feature permits its 200 million users to add music to their Snapchats. Since the feature has been added in 2020, it has been used nearly 1.2 billion times. 

Following the partnership with Sony, Snapchat also announced it will be releasing a two new features, ‘Sound Lenses’ and ‘Cameo Sound Lenses’.  Described by Snapchat as “a Lens that transforms pictures of anyone to appear as if they are singing a song”, and “apply visual effects to put you and a friend as the stars of your own animated music video”.

The social media platform says these new features will create a more immersive experience for its users as well as provide another platform for artists to their share music. Dennis Krooker from Sony Music Entertainment shared, “We are pleased to be expanding our relationship with Snap to develop new commercial opportunities for our artists around short form video and augmented reality experiences.”  

From Streaming Competition to Mobile Application Competition



In the midst of the “streaming war” there is also a “mobile application war” occurring across the globe as major media companies scramble for the next big thing. But, who’s to be the next winner? Analysts say, the recent explosion of the app Tik-Tok may be the next mobile application trend and could even wipe out Snapchat and Twitter in the future. In 2018 Tik-Tok was rated the number one most downloaded app on IOS and the fourth most downloaded app on Google Play. Not only that but, 40% of its users were outside of the company’s birthplace in China and expanding tremendously in the United States. 

So what do other companies do in order to avoid such a crisis? Well, of course, they begin to make replicas of the already existing concept. Snapchat has launched its own version of lip-syncing music to videos by using their new filters and Facebook also launched the app “Lasso” just last year, which uses the same concept as well. However, Tik-Tok is still dominating this lip-syncing market, it has even won my attention, even after I said, “It’s for little kids”; I was wrong. The application has a unique feature that allows users to share “life hacks,” popular trends, pranks, and so much more. Media companies are going to have to develop a more complex and dual service in order to steal viewers from Tik-Tok. 

Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/02/01/tiktok-climbs-the-download-charts-challenging-snapchat-and-twitter.html

Snapchats Progression Towards 3D Pictures

Snapchat’s newest addition to its platform includes 3D photos. These photos are intended to “…create Snaps that capture spatial detail, changing in perspective and appearance based on how you move your phone when you view them. These new Snaps look different, act different, and feel different.” A similar concept was introduced on Facebook, where users can engage with 360 photos that are immersive and captivating. Based on feedback, Facebook was able to say that the launch of 360 photos has had a large engagement with audiences. In light of this new development, this feature could be beneficial for brands that want to stand out from their competitors. At the moment only iPhone X owners can create 3D snaps and anyone who is a Snapchat user can receive the Snapchat but are unable to create their own without owning a recent iPhone.

More importantly, the idea of 3D photos has molded the new concept of progression towards holographic. The expansion of 3D photos onto social media platforms has been a clear success so, how much longer until we should expect to engage with friends, family, and media brands with the use of holographic. If 3D photos are highly captivating for audiences, it’s likely that holographic will attract users even faster and are in the making for many social media platforms.

Source: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/snapchat-launches-new-3d-snaps-which-display-depth-as-you-move-your-phone/563119/