From Streaming Competition to Mobile Application Competition



In the midst of the “streaming war” there is also a “mobile application war” occurring across the globe as major media companies scramble for the next big thing. But, who’s to be the next winner? Analysts say, the recent explosion of the app Tik-Tok may be the next mobile application trend and could even wipe out Snapchat and Twitter in the future. In 2018 Tik-Tok was rated the number one most downloaded app on IOS and the fourth most downloaded app on Google Play. Not only that but, 40% of its users were outside of the company’s birthplace in China and expanding tremendously in the United States. 

So what do other companies do in order to avoid such a crisis? Well, of course, they begin to make replicas of the already existing concept. Snapchat has launched its own version of lip-syncing music to videos by using their new filters and Facebook also launched the app “Lasso” just last year, which uses the same concept as well. However, Tik-Tok is still dominating this lip-syncing market, it has even won my attention, even after I said, “It’s for little kids”; I was wrong. The application has a unique feature that allows users to share “life hacks,” popular trends, pranks, and so much more. Media companies are going to have to develop a more complex and dual service in order to steal viewers from Tik-Tok. 



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