Twitch Bans Soulja Boy Twice in One Day

Famous rapper Soulja Boy has managed to get himself banned, unbanned, and re-banned within 24 hours. The reasons for his banishment are unclear, however, after recently joining the streaming world, Soulja Boy has already made an impression. In the past, he’s claimed he’s the reason for Twitch’s success and often criticized those who left the platform for YouTube.

One theory for Soulja Boy’s first short-lived five-minute ban is an accidental copyright strike. One fan reported Soulja Boy playing sound samples minutes before the ban. This ban could have been automatic on Twitch’s end which is why it was so short. The second ban is still unclear.

The whole situation has amused Soulja Boy’s fans. Some fans even claim that Twitch has been trolling the rapper. This isn’t the first time Soulja Boy has caused drama on social media and it certainly won’t be the last.

I chose this article because I know little about Twitch. I think it’s interesting that Twitch hasn’t made an official statement for why the rapper was banned. Although the responses to the situations have been light-hearted a lack of response from Twitch could change that.



Health Experts Say Gargling Mouthwash Does Not Kill Coronavirus

America is living in an age of misinformation. During a Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, Senator Ron Johnson a Wisconsin Representative made a casual remark that gargling mouthwash has proved to kill the coronavirus. Senator Johnson has been at the forefront of spreading covid-19 conspiracy theories and had even had his Youtube channel removed for violating their misinformation policy.

The Senator has been open about his skepticism towards the vaccine mandates and has even been an active promoter of drugs such as Ivermectin that have been proven to be ineffective in treating the coronavirus. His latest mouthwash cure is yet another example of his lack of knowledge.

According to health experts mouthwash can partially kill off the coronavirus in one’s mouth however most coronavirus infections are present in the nose. The Senator wasn’t completely off base with his latest theory however infectious-disease expert, Kim Woo-Joo tells the Washington Post,  “Even if gargling kills some of the virus, it won’t be able to clean the nasal area, nor the viruses that’s already penetrated deeper into the body,”.

Experts are currently exploring mouthwash and its effect on the virus.

Unfortunately for the Senator, there isn’t enough current evidence that’s strong enough to back his claim. Listerine has even debunked his theory on their website.

This article frustrated me. I struggle to understand how people in positions of power with access to correct information choose to believe myths over facts. People in power have a responsibility to provide accurate information to the public even if it differs from their personal beliefs. In the case of the covid-19 pandemic, misinformation could result in lives lost.

I think Americans should hold our leaders to a higher standard. I respect Youtube for taking Senator Johnson’s Youtube page down. This statement was a reminder to his colleagues and others that share similar views, that their actions do have consequences.


Debt Collectors Can Now Slide in Your DM’S

The traditional days of debt collectors simply calling you and sending letters are long gone. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced their newest rule, allowing debt collectors to contact people via social media. Collectors are still limited in the number of times they can call you however this rule doesn’t extend to email, texts, and social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

The Bureau emphasizes that it’s still illegal for debt collectors to continuously harass those with debt payments. How this will be managed still isn’t clear.

The CFPB’s only requirement is to identify themselves as debt collectors. This identification will give citizens the power to opt-out of all communication from the CFPB on their social media platforms. The details on how this will work are nonexistent.

The good news is collectors can only contact you between the hours of 8:00 am and 9:00 pm local time. The CFPB is also not permitted to call you within 7 days of having a phone conversation with a collector.

This makes me uneasy. Social media is a place of personal peace for me and others. Now that debt collectors can contact people via social media it will no longer be a safe space for people to escape the reality of life. This will just increase the stress levels of those in debt. The lack of clarity in the opt-out option is problematic. I’m afraid this option will remain unclear so people are forced to continue receiving messages.

I’m curious to know how compliant social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook were in this new decision. To me, this seems to be a breach of their user’s privacy.


All You Need to Know about the Drake and Kanye “Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert”

Rapper Kanye West and singer/rapper Drake have had a 12-year feud that surprisingly ended last night at a benefit concert for former “Gangster Disciple’s” leader Larry Hoover. Hoover is currently serving a lifetime sentence in federal prison where he spends most of his time in solitary confinement.

Organized by rap executive Prince J the concert was ended to free Hoover and raise money for non-profits focusing on prison reform. Although it’s unlikely Hoover will be released, the concert’s primary goal was to expose the injustice that occurs within the prison system.

Prince J comments, “This system for sentencing, this prison system rooted in racism, it’s time for change”. It’s not just to shine a light on Larry Hoover, but other victims of this system. We feel strongly that it’s time for redemption.”

Hoover’s case is complex and unique. Hoover is in prison for murder and running a criminal enterprise in Chicago. These are state and federal charges and unfortunately, Hoover has exhausted all his appeals. With the narrow parameters of the First Step Act, Hoover’s only chance for freedom is through state or presidential pardon which are both extremely rare.

Prosecutors and judges believe releasing Hoover would be unjust and claim his leadership was responsible for the high murder rate during the 70s and 80s in Chicago. This claim could be true but many people believe Hoover’s appeals have been denied due to his high level of influence.

In 1987, Hoover rebranded the former “Gangster Disciples” as “GD” for “Growth and Development. He declared the new organization would focus on community empowerment. He even founded another organization called, “21st Century Vote” which quickly earned Hoover political recognition and power. Hoover’s only chance for freedom is through state or presidential pardon which are both extremely rare.

Hoover hopes this concert will build enough awareness and momentum for a pardon. The concert had roughly 70,000 attendees and was talked about all night on social media. I respect Drake and Kanye for putting their beef aside to highlight an important cause.

You can rewatch the concert with Amazon Prime, however, you must have an account!


TikTok Leads the way in App Annie’s Yearly App Performance Report

TikTok has been the app to watch since its increased popularity in 2018. Earlier this week App Annie released its annual review of the top-performing acts measured by downloads and revenue. The results placed TikTok in the first place, confirming the app’s dominance in the social media world. In the picture below you can see data from last year’s review placed TikTok in second place in terms of breakout downloads. You can view the full report here.

From the data above it’s clear that TikToks competitors were CapCut, YouTube, and Telegram.

The App Ann review from this year told a different story. Below is the performance review with TikTok as number one in terms of overall spending.

This data proves that TikTok is in a strong position for growth specifically towards the apps eCommerce ambitions, however, this growth will rely on TikTok’s ability to pay its content creators. This payment is what will motivate the content creators to keep posting on TikTok and not another platform. Brand deals with content creators are in high demand. Content creators know this which is why they won’t hesitate to use a different platform if the pay is better.

TikTok has become a threat to many social media apps. With the potential to surpass 1.5 billion users in 2022 they could easily become the biggest social media platform. I believe brands, media companies, and content creators should all be paying attention to the company’s rise.

Brands that haven’t yet incorporated the use of TikTok should start learning how to now. TikTok has a large audience reach. Brands’ failure to adapt will cause them to lose out on money and risk them being left out of or playing catch-up to the latest trends. This could open up more jobs for those who specialize in everything TikTok.


Olivia Rodrigo Performs Tiny Desk Home Concert at DMV

California singer/songwriter Olivia Rodrigo shook things up performing for NPR’s Tiny Desk (Home) Concert series at the Department for Motor Vehicles(DMV). The setting seemed fit due to the singer’s breakout hit “Drivers License”. Rodrigo performed the stripped-down version of four songs off her debut album Sour.

The 18-year-old singer opened with a moving solo act of “Drivers Licence”. Backed by her band, Rodrigo performed an acoustic version of “Good 4 U” next. She then slowed things down with a warm-hearted rendition of “Traitor”. Rodrigo ended her performance with a captivating performance of “Deja Vu”.

Rodrigo’s NPR appearance occurred just one day after her Sour Tour announcement. The Sour Tour is set for April 2, 2022, to July 7, 2022, including stops in North America and Europe. Concert tickets can be purchased on her official website: With seven Grammy nominations and her recent tour announcement, it’s safe to say that this is only the beginning for the budding star.

This story stood out to me because of NPR’s acceptance of Rodrigo’s unique performance setting. I’m sure it couldn’t have been convenient to use the DMV and yet NPR made it happen in an effort to support her creative vision.


The Microsoft Metaverse

Microsoft has followed Facebook with the creation of their metaverse Microsoft Mesh. Last month the company announced its building of the metaverse. Microsoft Mesh will allow users to connect through interconnected virtual worlds however its main focus will be on work and corporate applications. The first phase of the metaverse is Microsoft Teams chat. This software will feature digital avatars and include office sharing capabilities such as sharing PowerPoint presentations. Microsoft Teams chat is in testing now and is set to release towards the end of 2022.

Microsoft has taken the corporate needs to a whole new level with their new product Dynamics 365. This will also be featured in the metaverse and allows users to virtually move through store recreations and facilities. So far Microsoft has used Dynamics to virtually visit a COVID hospital ward, a Toyota plant, and the International Space Station again. Microsoft doesn’t want to stop at the corporate level and has made the serious intention of entering the gaming world.

“If the metaverse is meant to be one immense, interconnected virtual space where brands, creators, and individual users can cohabitate, how will it work if every company wants to build its own metaverse…”. This is the main question in people’s minds, including mine. Due to the recent pandemic, I understand the urge companies have to embrace virtual reality. There is no doubt that virtual reality has the potential to bring mass amounts of people together, especially organizations. If we are trying to achieve a world in support of the common good then I worry about the effect that any localized metaverse will have.

With the rise of virtual reality (VR), I’m intrigued to see how media companies incorporate VR into their media strategies.


Instagram is bringing back a chronological feed in 2022

After five years Instagram has announced its plan to bring back the chronological feed in a new and improved way. On Wednesday, Adam Mosseri confirmed Instagram has been working on a current version of the chronological feed for months. This feed will provide users with the “option to see posts from people you follow in chronological order.” Instagram is also experimenting with a “favorites” feed. This feed will show posts from selected friends appearing higher on your feed. The article mentions that both feeds will be optional. Instagram expects to launch the new feed options in the first quarter of next year.

Many people have been advocating for the return of the chronological feed. The chronological feed differs from Instagram’s current model based on algorithms. In a blog post, Mosseri claimed the transition into an algorithm-based feed would expose users to different content on their feed. Their current algorithm-based feed has received endless scrutiny over the years, specifically for its younger users.

As a long-time Instagram user, I prefer the chronological options over the algorithm. The algorithm is very forced and still limits the content on my feed. This new feed must provide Instagram with a return on investment(ROI). Unfortunately, this ROI is based on money.

This is why I respect public media companies over commercial ones. Since Instagram is a commercial media company they are motivated by money. In public media, the companies are mission-based placing their resources into serving their core audience. This means they make decisions based on what their core audience wants not what will make them the most money. It will be interesting to see the public reaction to the chronological timeline as well as the “favorites” feed option.


Travis Scott Denies All Liability for Astroworld Deaths and Injuries

Travis Scott at Astroworld Concert 2021.
CREDIT: Erika Goldring/WireImage/Getty Images

Last month rapper Travis Scott’s highly anticipated Astroworld festival led to 10 deaths and left hundreds injured. On November 10, 110 people filed lawsuits. That number has increased to nearly 300. On December 7th, Travis publically requested to be removed as a defendant from many of the lawsuits. Travis and his team have stated they will continue to file for similar dismissals in the future. Amongst these dismissals is a case involving the death of 22-year-old Bharti Shahani. Although Travis was named in many of these lawsuits his team claims he “is not legally liable”.

Travis and his company Cactus Jack arent the only ones denying their legal liability. On Monday, concert promoters Live Nation and Score More denied all allegations and culpability for the event.

Law firm Brent Coon& Associates currently represent the most Astrowolrd concert-goers at a total of 1,547 individuals. They have filed a $10 billion lawsuit against Travis and Astroworld organizers. Brent Coon& Associates have requested the consolidation of all cases with a hearing set for December 13th.

This Astroworld situation reminded me of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.  This section is intended to protect social media platforms by removing their liability from the content their users’ post. If social media platforms won’t be held accountable for their user’s posts then who will? The same can be said for artists at their concerts. Hundreds are people were psychologically and physically affected by this event and yet no one wants to claim responsibility. Since I don’t know all of the legality issues I can’t say it was solely Travis and Live Nation’s fault. After doing my research I believe both parties are partially responsible. I’m going to continue following the story to see its resolution.


United Arab Emirates Switches Weekend to Saturday-Sunday, Adopts 4 ½ Day Week

The United Arab Emirates(UAE) has shifted its weekend to Saturday and Sunday for government employees, the public sector, and private schools. This weekend shift will go into effect on January 1st. The current UAE workweek is Sunday through Thursday which has put them at a disadvantage in the global market. The weekend shift was done with direct intentions and, “will increase the number of days we do business with the rest of the world, which will boost trade” says Nabil Alyousuf, chief executive officer of a Dubai-based International Advisory group.

This new weekend gives private companies the flexibility to choose their weekend. The only contingency is that they must follow the countries labor laws. The UAE’s labor laws allow employees to work a maximum of 48 hours per week with one guaranteed day off per week. There is no doubt that the latest weekend change will make the UAE more appealing as a global hub for business, however, there are concerns regarding the freedom of these private sectors. Traders will also face new difficulties working with other countries in the region that haven’t adopted a Saturday and Sunday weekend.

This article interested me due to the constant discussion and recent legislation of adopting a four-day workweek in the U.S. I feel that a four-day workweek would increase people’s mental health and improve the quality of their work. This could greatly impact the media/entertainment industry. With less stressed-out media employees the amount of quality content could increase which I think is necessary. Leaders of media companies should always be thinking of ways to increase their employee’s mental health and the quality of their work. As a leader, it’s not enough to say you care about your employees. To me, a strong leader shows he cares through his actions as well as his words.