The Microsoft Metaverse

Microsoft has followed Facebook with the creation of their metaverse Microsoft Mesh. Last month the company announced its building of the metaverse. Microsoft Mesh will allow users to connect through interconnected virtual worlds however its main focus will be on work and corporate applications. The first phase of the metaverse is Microsoft Teams chat. This software will feature digital avatars and include office sharing capabilities such as sharing PowerPoint presentations. Microsoft Teams chat is in testing now and is set to release towards the end of 2022.

Microsoft has taken the corporate needs to a whole new level with their new product Dynamics 365. This will also be featured in the metaverse and allows users to virtually move through store recreations and facilities. So far Microsoft has used Dynamics to virtually visit a COVID hospital ward, a Toyota plant, and the International Space Station again. Microsoft doesn’t want to stop at the corporate level and has made the serious intention of entering the gaming world.

“If the metaverse is meant to be one immense, interconnected virtual space where brands, creators, and individual users can cohabitate, how will it work if every company wants to build its own metaverse…”. This is the main question in people’s minds, including mine. Due to the recent pandemic, I understand the urge companies have to embrace virtual reality. There is no doubt that virtual reality has the potential to bring mass amounts of people together, especially organizations. If we are trying to achieve a world in support of the common good then I worry about the effect that any localized metaverse will have.

With the rise of virtual reality (VR), I’m intrigued to see how media companies incorporate VR into their media strategies.



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