Twitch Bans Soulja Boy Twice in One Day

Famous rapper Soulja Boy has managed to get himself banned, unbanned, and re-banned within 24 hours. The reasons for his banishment are unclear, however, after recently joining the streaming world, Soulja Boy has already made an impression. In the past, he’s claimed he’s the reason for Twitch’s success and often criticized those who left the platform for YouTube.

One theory for Soulja Boy’s first short-lived five-minute ban is an accidental copyright strike. One fan reported Soulja Boy playing sound samples minutes before the ban. This ban could have been automatic on Twitch’s end which is why it was so short. The second ban is still unclear.

The whole situation has amused Soulja Boy’s fans. Some fans even claim that Twitch has been trolling the rapper. This isn’t the first time Soulja Boy has caused drama on social media and it certainly won’t be the last.

I chose this article because I know little about Twitch. I think it’s interesting that Twitch hasn’t made an official statement for why the rapper was banned. Although the responses to the situations have been light-hearted a lack of response from Twitch could change that.



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