Apple gets appeals court to delay App Store Changes to Epic Games Fortnite case

Apple scores a win in a long legal battle with the maker Epic Games, who is known for their game Fortnite. Fortnite which offers different modes to fit the player’s needs and wants for the game. These modes feature a battle royal feature that allows users to play against an upward of 100 other players. The lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games has been a long process over the years with the court of appeals finally coming to an agreement to delay the Judge’s order to make changes to the way in which app developers are paid though Apple’s App store. Apple and Epic Games are now in their own appeals process which is on track to take upwards of two years to see any sign of an agreement amongst parties involved. One Judge who spoke on the appeals process stated Apple has demonstrated, at minimum, that its appeal raises serious questions,” If apple was not successful in their victory in the appeals court, users of the game would be forced to pay the developer of the app directly when trying to purchase things such as extra lives as opposed to just though the app itself.

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