Facebook Launches VR Metaverse

Thursday afternoon marked the opening of their virtual MetaVerse “Horizon World”. The new Meta verse allows users to connect using the use of their speciality Oculus virtual reality headsets following the Facebook acquisition of Oculus back in 2014 for $2 billion. Facebook is looking to extend the Metaverse for $10 billion over the next year. This news comes after democratic push for a federal investigation into the claim that facebook is misleading advertisers as well as participating in illegal activities after the data breach of 2016. The Metaverse world “Horizon World” will allow users to interact with each other via virtual reality. This leaves many wondering the question of if this is the future of social media. Is every platform going to have their own way of interacting with each other via a digital version of themselves? We are all aware of the fact that VR is the new wave of entertainment. Guess we will have to see what is next from our favorite social media platforms.




Democratic Senators Pushing For Investigation Into Facebooks Misleading Information

Two Democratic senators,. Elizabeth Warren and Maria Cantwell are asking for a federal investigation into allegations that Facebook misled advertisers and investors about public safety concerns on their platform. Thursday warren pled with federal investigators to determine if Facebook violated U.S. wire fraud and securities laws. This news comes just a week after the senate Commerce Committee ran a investigation into the now Meta platform into if they violated agency law in the way in which they conduct their business practices.Warrens push for the investigation stems from the idea that facebook deliberately lied about illegal conduct taking place on of the world’s largest social media platforms. With Facebook already under fire for the handling of their data breach and their role in the 2016 election. This  does not come at a good time after their renaming of Meta formally named Facebook. One wonders, what else are they really keeping from us?



How Using ROI’s Can Double Influencer Marketing Numbers

Influencer marketing is something creators from all over the world have been trying to nail down since the beginning of brand sponsorships. If done correctly, influencer marketing can drive views and purchases to a much wider audience  then just traditional advertising campaigns. Lately, companies have been striving to incorporate ROI’s into their influencer marketing campaign. When looking at the success of influencer marketing and the influx it has on the marketing community, a few big factors play a role in making the content relatable to those that are viewing it. A few of these factors are relatability to those you are trying to market to, as well as sharing personal experiences and the reason the influencer is try to work with the brand. Successful influencer marketing campaigns focus on the golden trifecta which is essentially creating a mix of highs and lows throughout the video to create engagement. Infleuner marketing is the new way to reach audiences, ROI can help it be effective.



LinkedIn Shares Insight Into Their Gen Z Audience


GenZ is taking over the job market and using Linkedin to do so. In the past year Linkedin has critically analyzed data from 78 million GenZ users on their platform regarding how they interact with not only the platform but how to lead to matches in the job market. Some interesting facts from the findings, are that 80% of the GenZ users feel as though they can truly connect with and trust Linkedin. To go a step further 70% of all users on the platform believe that content they are viewing is directly related to them and can see the relevance. Another interesting finding from their reports is that GenZ is actually much more interested in the long term furthering of their careers. GenZ also knows how to do fact checking and research on the company before agreeing to an interview with a rate of 13x more likely than their peers to be prepared by researching the company.





Facebook Launches New Tool For Creators, Just Before Winter Break

Facebook launched a new tool yesterday for creators on their platform to take full control of maximizing the winter break. Some of the new features, feature in comment broadcast reactions that allows the creator to have more interactions amongst their fan base. One of the main new features of the update is a better design on both their  desktop as well as mobile app version. Facebook has gone as far to simplify the navigation tools making things such as insight and tools, all while still staying on live. The strategic planning of this timely role out of such design comes right before the winter break for many colleges across the country. Facebook is well aware of this peak time that allows many to spend more time browsing and creating content for social media apps. One of my personal favorite features of this new role out is the ability for creators to share multiple links on the screen without ever having to stop the live stream.

Source: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/facebook-launches-new-tools-for-live-stream-creators-including-links-in-st/611279/


WhatsApp Launches Crypto Payments Though App

Image Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6b/WhatsApp.svg

WhatsApp has rolled a new way to allow a small number of their users to freely send money without ever leaving the app. The new pilot that WhatsApp is testing would allow users to send money to other WhatsApp users just as easily as sending a message. The new service which would be linked to the app itself would be in partnership with the meta service Novi Digital wallet. Users of the service would be able to send money directly through WhatsApp or by using the stand alone Novi app. The crypto currency that is being used is USPD and backed by the U.S. Dollar in order to prevent fluctuation in the market or fraud. The exchange rate would be $1 USPD = $1 USD. Though the original pilot for Novi digital wallet was rolled out in October in Guatemala, the pilot is now making headway in the United States, with overwhelming support of pilot users.

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Twitter rolls out controversial new privacy agreement

Twitter announced on Wednesday its plan to conduct an “internal review” after numerous attempts to try to enforce their new policy. The new privacy agreement would penalize users for sharing photos with the consent of those pictures. The platform plans on using this new feature as a way to combat the prevalence of harassment and bullying, two issues the world is all too familiar with in terms of social media. The issue with this new privacy agreement id that its something that is extremely hard to enforce for the fact that it leaves way for the enforcement team of this particular section to make mistakes and penalize the wrong people.There are some exceptions to the new privacy policy in that journalist or people who are reporting for “the common good” are considered to be exempt from the enforcement of this policies. Twitter has received a lot of push back from far right support groups such as “The Proud Boys”, who are using this new agreement to go after people who have criticized them in the past and posted pictures of them without their permission. I believe that this new agreement leaves room for a lot of misinformation to be published and create fake reports. Twitter needs to better job at combating bullying across their platforms, just by the pushback from this new agreement they need to think of a new one.

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YouTube Music introduces 2021 wrap up to compete with Spotify’s yearly personal song wrap up

Spotify’s yearly song and podcast wrap is something Spotify users across the globe look to in anticipation following a year of listening. Now with Youtube coming forward with their release of their new “Wrap up”, Youtube music listeners are giving spotify a run for its money as well as its listeners. The new feature shared on monday reveals who users favorite artist, genre, song, music video as well as their favorite playlist to round out 2021. Many of the features of the new Youtube music app closely resemble that of the Spotify yearly round up. The new wrap up allows diversity amongst streaming platforms to allow people who don’t just use spotify to express their favorite artist and playlist. Something that spotify users have been doing for years. So now is the time for all music fans to go out and share your yearly music favorite for the world to see!

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Roku and Google owned Youtube strike deal to keep Youtube on newer Roku devices

The decision to keep the Google owned platform Youtube, on their newer devices comes with a multiyear distribution deal between the two companies. The decision to keep the app on the Roku platform comes just a day before Googles deadline to keep Youtube or cut off the main Youtube app. This agreement with Google and Roku also allowed Youtube to be restored to Rokus channel platform just a few hours after the decision was finalized on Wednesday afternoon. Youtube is known for being the world’s largest platform of digital videos with a total number of more than 2 billion monthly visitors to the site. The decision to allow the app back onto Roku streaming services will allow many to enjoy and watch Youtube all while still staying on the Roku platform. The Roku platform is also well aware of the fact that even though Google owns one of their largest used apps, Google is still a huge competitor in the field of streaming TV with some of the others being Android TV, and Apple TV.

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Apple gets appeals court to delay App Store Changes to Epic Games Fortnite case

Apple scores a win in a long legal battle with the maker Epic Games, who is known for their game Fortnite. Fortnite which offers different modes to fit the player’s needs and wants for the game. These modes feature a battle royal feature that allows users to play against an upward of 100 other players. The lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games has been a long process over the years with the court of appeals finally coming to an agreement to delay the Judge’s order to make changes to the way in which app developers are paid though Apple’s App store. Apple and Epic Games are now in their own appeals process which is on track to take upwards of two years to see any sign of an agreement amongst parties involved. One Judge who spoke on the appeals process stated Apple has demonstrated, at minimum, that its appeal raises serious questions,” If apple was not successful in their victory in the appeals court, users of the game would be forced to pay the developer of the app directly when trying to purchase things such as extra lives as opposed to just though the app itself.

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