Google Cracks Down

Google, which is known by its employee as a company that provides an open and transparent company morale is now cracking down on policies and procedures which is causing backlash from its employees. Google recently had to fire one employee and put two others on leave because the company feel they went against their privacy policy. The first employee was let go from the company because they leaked employee names and other personal information to media outlet, which the media outlets that the information was leaked to has yet to be released to the public. The second employee was put on leave because they continuously accessed documents that they were asked not to on multiple occasions because the documents were related to their job. Lastly, the third employee was put on leave because they were tracking other employee calendars that were in other departments which ultimately made those employees feel unsafe at work and out of work.

“The firing and employee suspensions have been the subject of intense discussion within the company in recent weeks, as employees worry that Google — which has traditionally been known for its open and transparent culture — is attempting to crack down on dissent by punishing those who openly disagree with management.”

This situation at Google is concerning because this is invading these employee’s security and privacy. Privacy and security are issues that these large companies such as Google and also Facebook are constantly struggling with. These concerns cause the public and employees to rethink about such as: if they are comfortable at their workplace or if they should continue using these platforms.


One thought on “Google Cracks Down

  1. This is rather concerning because Google is trying so hard to ensure the public that they are secure and private and would never use data against us. I would be really scared if my job could fire me if I disagree with management. The ability to disagree with higher employees is how change is made if you’re fired for disagreeing, then that place is horrible to work at.


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