How do companies maintain a positive image around their brand?


Do you ever wonder if what you are seeing on social media is true to how consumers ACTUALLY feel about a product? Recent news about negative social media comments states that what you are seeing online doesn’t actually tell the full story. Respondology, a Colorado-based brand safety firm, has rolled out a new service titled “The Ad Mod”. The Ad Mod is a new technology that combines AI and human monitoring to automatically delete negative comments on paid ad content. The service is specifically designed for paid advertisements through social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

The company’s first partner, Horizon Media, used the service for the launch of the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. Horizon Media used the service to track comments on professional athlete’s Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts who were paid to promote the new sandwich. While using “The Ad Mod”, the campaign saw a 10.8% increase in engagement.

Companies that use Ad Mod will be able to launch their posts through a dashboard and see which comments are screened by Ad Mod. The service screens all comments on a selected post with machine learning. The machine automatically removes comments that are seen as negative towards the brand, as well as racist, sexual and violent comments.

In my opinion, I think this app can be good and bad. I feel like this app can be great for removing comments that are seen as racist, sexual, and violent, however I think it is wrong to hide comments that are seen as “negative” towards a brand. Removing negative comments promotes a false narrative or image around a brand, especially if a majority of individuals feel poorly about a product or brand. It seems kind of shady, especially if 8/10 comments on a post are removed because they are negative.


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