Is Facebook Spying on Users?

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“Multiple people have found and reported that their iPhone cameras were turned on in the background while they were looking at their feed.” This is the alarming introduction to an article detailing how Facebook may be running your camera application while you browse through your everyday feed.

The reports claimed that after watching a Facebook video in fullscreen, returning to normal would cause Facebook’s interface to shift a bit to the right and in the open space on the left, you could see your camera activated in back. Yikes!

Facebook officials have released statements on Twitter saying this was obviously a glitch in the system and the company is currently looking into the matter. However, in the meantime I would have to say that staying off Facebook seems like a pretty good resolution.

The company also told users that there is no evidence of any photos or videos being uploaded, but individuals are still wary of the privacy breach. As they should be.

This article is surprising to me because such a massive company like Facebook shouldn’t be experiencing bugs and glitches. Especially bugs and glitches that cause users to fear their information os being compromised. It seems Facebook really hasn’t learned anything from its past mistakes. As a media company in this digital day and age, professionals should know that data privacy is of the utmost importance to its millions of users. This raises questions and fears in the minds of what I imagine to be its entire population.


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