Issues in Amazon Paradise 


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The heavily praised multi-dimensional company, Amazon, is currently facing some backlash after customers received expired food. According to CNBC, “Interviews with brands, consumers, third-party sellers and consultants all point to loopholes in Amazon’s technology and logistics system that allow for expired items to proliferate with little to no accountability. Consumer safety advocates worry that as the marketplace grows, the problem will only get worse.” This is a major issue considering that 58% of Amazon’s sales are food-related. There are policies that these third party sellers are supposed to abide by when it comes to food expiration but the question is how much Amazon is doing to enforce those rules. Customers have complained about a wide variety of food expiration that includes anything from Tevanna tea bags, yogurt, baby food, Doritos and so much more.

In order for Amazon to stay in the online grocery business, it must maintain its customer’s trust by ensuring quality fresh food 100% of the time. However, many people suggest that this could be the downfall of Amazon’s food business if policies are not enforced thoroughly and as soon as possible. A spokesperson for Amazon says they use a combination of A.I data and human monitoring to tackle any issues that may arise and they strongly encourage anyone with an issue to contact Amazon support directly so proper action can be taken. 



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