Borderlands 3 divides its fans


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Borderlands three has become divisive in the eyes of the audience. Of these split opinions neither really spell well for the game, with both sides pointing to serious issues on the games part.On the one hand you have the long term fan of borderlands who find that this latest installment of their favorite series does not cater to them. They accuse the developers of the game, Gearbox  of having dumbed down their game for the sake of it having a broader appeal. Specifically they oppose the frequent tweaks and changes the developers have made to the game in the weeks following its release. They argue that feeling overpowered and exploiting weaknesses has been and should remain part of the Borderlands experience. One the other hand what the article refers to as the “destiny crowd” argue that such balancing efforts are necessary on the part of the developer to ensure that all options in game are equally fun to play. I’m inclined to agree with this crowd, as I see this as a necessary step if Borderlands 3 is to survive in the modern video game market. In the heady days of Borderlands 1 and 2 , there were few games that followed the “loot and shoot” model, so the weakness of the games in terms of both mechanics and narrative were willing to be overlooked by the player base if it meant experiencing this exciting new format of game. However this was several years ago, and now a days suck Looter Shooters are everywhere. Gearbox has been placed in a difficult position, having to keep pace with its competitors while still delivering fans what they want from the series. Having played the game mys;ef, i can see the divide between fans. While the gunplay and movement have been vastly improved by following in other games success, the narrative lack the true feel previous games had. While I still think Borderlands is a good game, it falls short of being the great game its predecessor Borderlands 2 was.

Article link :–borderlands-3-players-wrestle-with-the-games-identity/


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