’Stranger Things’ have helped Netflix stay on top

As the competition for streaming platforms continues to grow, Netflix is having to defend its popularity amount audiences. According to the New York Times, Netflix loss 126,000 domestic subscribers earlier this year. However, Netflix was able to get those subscribers back according to the article. Author Edmund Lee explained, ”The third-quarter results benefited from Netflix’s best-known series, ’Stranger Things, ’ which introduced its hugely anticipated third season over the Fourth of July weekend. The series drew 64 million households in the first four weeks it was available, the company said.”

This was a big comeback for the company and not only helped them draw in more viewers but helped line Netflix’s pockets. Netflix’s stock jumped more than 8% in after-hours trading last week. In addition, the company also reported a large jump in profit from $665 million to $5.2 billion in revenue. This rise in profit follows the addition of 6.8 million new customers this quarter, with 520,000 of them in the United States. Netflix has big plans and big movies to help them beat the soon-to-come streaming platform competitors, Disney and Apple. Both of which plan to release their streaming platforms in November. As of now, Netflix is the nation’s largest digital television network, with over 158 million customers around the world, including 60 million in the United States.


Twitch opening doors to more diverse content

Twitch.tv, a mostly video game streaming service, is opening up its platform for more than just gaming. The platform that saw over three months 2.7 billion hours of content being viewed by users is far and above the largest streaming platform right now for video games. At peak times more than a million people in just a single category but twitch is looking for how to create a more diverse platform than just gaming. 

At the annual twitch con, which is held in San Diego every year, it was announced that twitch would start creating more categories and avenues users can upload and explore other than gaming. Their new slogan “You’re already one of us.” exemplifies the new mindset of twitch that anyone even you can be apart of the community twitch has created. New talk-shows where users can share anything they want without having to play a game or using the platform to help inform people. This past year, the Great National Debate was released on twitch. Produced by the French government, they streamed for more than 10 hours of debates to reach the young audience of twitch in a way the audience would never find out about any other way. 

Twitch has even entered the sports market with partnerships with Major League Baseball and National Football League. Twitch users can stream the game hosted by streamers in their browser and have a direct chat with the broadcaster. Something non existent in sports broadcasting today. Users can ask questions, interact with each other, and interact with the broadcasters and creates a community while watching sports. This interactivity does not seem to be going anywhere with the advances in technology and could very well be the future of how we receive and interact with the content available to us.

Disney+ Media Convergence

Article: https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/6/20757626/disney-plus-espn-hulu-bundle-price-date-streaming-service

Image source: X

1c8ace8f-every-company-disney-owns-13_pageversion-lgDisney has been a very popular source of media for decades, creating family friendly stories and shows that has shaped childhoods throughout multiple generations. Disney has also bought a lot of media companies and the size of what they own is being added to their own streaming site, Disney+. Disney+ is a prime example of the issues with media convergence. Julia Alexander reported on Disney’s new “$12.99 bundle for Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+”. The article discusses how Disney is buying up media, as they already own multiple large movie franchises and have stocks or ownership of 12 television channels. With Disney taking their own content away from HBO, Netflix and even Hulu, they have created a massive streaming source that will fight against competitors and the streaming platforms they have stock in. Alexander discussed how the “$12.99 bundle offers consumers tremendous volume, tremendous quality, and tremendous variety for a good price” (Alexander, 2019). For Disney to become this large of a content provider is staggering because they already touch so much in media. This convergence with other networks makes them untouchable by any competition, especially when they withhold the content they own. Disney is also dabbling in the sports realm, working with ESPN to ensure Disney+ is a one-stop-shop for the family and other viewers. The problem with Disney owning so much is there isn’t any diversity in their media. Having only one source of media creates a monopoly on what information and entertainment audiences receive. This poses a problem because Disney gets a say in anything that is affiliated with them. Touching so much of the media industry makes it very difficult for new content to come through because it must go through Disney first and if a creator’s content isn’t approved by Disney, it may never gain the popularity it deserves.

Included in this post, is a diagram of how much Disney owns or is affiliated with.