To support striking workers, Reddit users spam replacement job portal for Kellogg’s

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Over two months ago, over 1,400 Kellogg’s cereal plant workers from Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, and Tennessee went on strike over stalled union negotiants with the food brand. This week, Kellogg’s announced that they would be hiring permanent replacements for striking workers. This comes after the striking workers voted against coming to a tentative agreement proposed by Kellogg’s management.

In retaliation and in solidarity with the workers on strike, users on the r/antiwork subreddit are submitting and spamming fake job applications for the replacement job portal. A subreddit is a thread of posts related to a particular subject and posts can be ‘upvoted’ or ‘downvoted’. A post about spamming the scab application portal received more than 62,000 upvotes and thousands of comments. A moderator on the subreddit gave a comment and said:

“That’s why this kind of action gets popular,”“Everybody feels the struggle, and the pain, and the misery that these Kellogg workers feel right now.”

Kevin McKenzie, Moderator of r/antiwork

Digital activism isn’t new in this online community, but it’s the first time it has been to this scale. The online company itself, Reddit, commended users for their support and efforts for the striking workers. They also reported that over the year 2020 to 2021, the subreddit had grown by 279%, now with over 1.3 million users following it.

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GameStop Won’t Stop:The Stock Market Enigma with a Reddit Based Cult Following

Cohen, R. (2021, July 20). Pg-13 Twitter.
u/shadowman48ped. (2021, June 25). r/Superstonk – just a reminder for apes going into Monday after a crazy weekend. reddit.

The original “Meme Stock” GameStop (NYSE: GME) has been experiencing price fluctuations since early 2021 that have consistently baffled experts. Hot off the heels of having increased a slight excess of 30% in price on August 23rd 1.59 million dollars worth of GameStop calls were purchased in expectation for its price going even higher. GameStop’s price movement is attributed to the massive following the stock has gained as a short squeeze target on social media platforms such as Reddit. This attention has notably been welcomed by GameStop’s new Chairmen Ryan Cohen who has consistently tweeted out cryptic pictures, gifs, and videos that correlate with GameStop’s positive price progression, each of which has received hundreds to thousands of likes. As of late May, short-sellers had lost 6.7 billion dollars because of their betting against GameStop. Despite GameStop’s current apparent price ceiling at 300 dollars, it’s not unreasonable to assume that it could permanently blast past it before year’s end. Still, some are waiting for GameStop to plummet back to earth sighting the fact that they don’t believe the company’s stock price should be at 200 dollars given its negative per-share earnings profile. However, people with this stance have not done well historically and it is generally advised not to bet against GameStop right now.

I’ve been following what has come to be known as the “GameStop Saga” since mid-April through the multiple GameStop related subreddits including SuperStonk, DDintoGME, and GMEjungle. As of writing this the most prominent subreddit, Superstonk has 599,402 individual users a relatively small number of whom post “dd” or “due diligence” regarding progression to an event called the “Moass” or “Mother of All Short Squeezes”. During the Moass it is believed within these circles that the price of GameStop’s stock will rise to previously unthinkable highs driven by a myriad of factors that have yet to be acknowledged in the mainstream. The belief in the Moass has notably been spurred on by Ryan Cohen in his aforementioned cryptic tweets. These tweets being promptly decoded by the Reddit community immediately after their being posted. Linked below is a brief overview of the circumstances that are leading people to believe the Moass is inevitable. I have to note that none of this is financial advice.

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