How NBC’s Strategy For Their New Streaming Service, ‘Peacock’ Sets Them Apart From Other Streaming Services


NBC Universal has some exciting things coming this year, with the most notable being the official launch of their new streaming service ‘Peacock.’

For those who haven’t heard of ‘Peacock,’ it’s NBC’s new streaming service that is set to launch of July 15th, 2020. ‘Peacock’ was named after the logo of NBC and is an American over-the-top subscription video on demand streaming service.

The majority of us utilize streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu to stream originals on each platform or catch up on missed shows, but did you know that ‘Peacock’ offers something that those rival companies haven’t made available yet?

NBC Universal will offer 3 different tiers for ‘Peacock,’ with the first tier being free (it will make the majority of its money from advertisements,) the second tier offering more content and only some advertising for 4.99 a month, and the final tier that will be 9.99 a month with no advertising. Although this tier system differs from that of other streaming platforms, what really sets ‘Peacock’ apart from other platforms is the fact that they don’t want consumers cancelling cable–instead, they want Peacock to be a supplement product.

In saying this, NBC Universal plans to offer ‘Peacock’ Premium for no additional charge to cable subscribers because of the fact that they don’t want you canceling cable or replacing cable. It’s evident that streaming products do have the ability to replace the cable bundle, but NBC Universal’s strategy hedges this outcome by building something that could one day operate as the company’s primary source of content distribution while also marketing it as an add-on service that’s free to many people. If this happens, the question is whether NBC Universal can turn ‘Peacock’ into a vehicle that generates more revenue-per-user than the cable bundle for the same amount of subscribers — today (while keeping costs the same or lower).


8 Year Old Making $26 Million A Year Reviewing Toys

8 year old Ryan Kaji was the highest paid Youtube star of the year according to Forbes. His Youtube channel, Ryan ToysReview has 23 million subscribers. He has built his business empire from simply reviewing toys with the help from his parents. He has been hosting unboxing videos on Youtube since 2015, and slowly it has grown to be a popular brand called Ryans World. The channel was slow growing until a video he released in 2015 went viral. It was a video of him reviewing a box containing more than 100 toys from Pixar Cars series. That video now has over 1 billion views. Ryans business was able to grow with the help of kids entertainment company Pocket Watch . The company was about to bring Ryans World to Colgate, Nickelodeon, Roku, and Walmart. He now has merchandise that can be purchased at Target, and Amazon.

Top Ten November TV Advertisers Spend 10% More In 2019

With the holiday retail season quickly approaching and now among us, television marketers are spending peak bucks to adversities. The biggest names are among the same every year, however this year, spending is up 10%. This increase in expense can be accredited to a broader audience, the amount of airings and creatives, or unrelated reasons.

The biggest national spenders include Geico, followed by Verizon, then Walmart, Progressive, and T-Mobile. State Farm, Target, Amazon, AT&T, and finally Allstate pulling in at number ten. These are the main contenders of top TV marketers every year, however the spending is up 10% from previous years.