Fashion Industry Suffering Creatively As Pandemic Grows?

I saw this article pop up on The Guardian and thought it was interesting. Many non-essential workers being laid off for an extended period of time, but have we considered the fashion industry when we’re thinking of who is affected by the pandemic? 

In this article, it talks about how the fashion industry in the UK has taken a toll on designers and models. They express the struggles they’re facing such as not being able to do photoshoots thus  “they can’t go live because the clothes can’t be photographed”.  Many designers are finding themselves with unsold stock or excess material, as well as overheads such as studio rent which can’t be paid. “The supply chain has stopped, so everything’s stopped,”.


Wired Releases Science Comics  have done something pretty cool and very informative. They’re opting to tell a story without words. Everyday a publisher creates a cartoon that shines the light on the role of science and technology during this pandemic. Leaving reasoning/ facts under each image. This is a great tool for someone that understands through imagery and also just a engaging way to get informed about the pandemic and the efforts going into resolving some pieces of the crisis.

United Airlines Donate Ad Space To Relief Organizations

Many companies are struggling with how to change their planned advertising in light of the pandemic. With McDonalds vs Burger king for their recent takes on how to market within the pandemic (BK doing a much better job than the former), some companies like United Airlines have actually donated their ad space for orgs that are operating to help with relief efforts.

Rihanna Takes Action To Relieve Covid Impact

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Steve Cho/Penta Press/Shutterstock (10418114h) Rihanna Fenty Beauty by Rihanna photocall, Seoul, South Korea – 17 Sep 2019

This article talks about how Rihanna has been donating money during the pandemic. She has donated 2.1 million dollars to Los Angeles to those affected by domestic violence during lockdown, 2 million dollars to undocumented workers, prisoners, homeless people, the elderly and children of frontline health workers in Los Angeles and New York, and has donated $5m to global organizations to protect healthcare workers and marginalized communities. This is certainly some good news to see that a celebrity with wealth and influence is donating money that she has herself, rather than asking her fans to donate on her behalf.

Media Across The Country Outlets Cutting Pay

This article details the decisions behind pay cuts for media outlets across the world. Some companies like Vice ordering some employees to take 10-20% cuts in salary if their income is over $100,000 in a 90 day period, as well as Nancy Dubuc, the chief executive, reducing her salary by 50 percent. 

What might these changes in media companies do for us graduates trying to enter into the industry?

The article added this statement from Jed Kolko, the chief economist at “…New listings for jobs in the media and communications sector had fallen 35 percent in the 60 days before April 3, compared with the same period last year. The decline in postings for all jobs was less drastic, at 24 percent, suggesting that the pandemic has had a greater effect on the news media industry than on other businesses, Mr. Kolko added.”

Facebook Losing $30 Billion Due To Virus

According to investment banking firm Cown & Co, Facebook and Google are widely expected to lose more than $44 billion in ad revenue due to the virus outbreak. Facebook is expected to see their ad spending drop $15.7 billion and Google a decrease of $28.6 billion. Snapchat will see losses of $977 million while Twitter may lose almost $700 million. The widespread panic seems to be controlling the masses and eventually their superiors in the wide financial world. It seems that this may happen in the future more frequently and rapidly as investors are eager to stack their investments or use flight or fight responses to react to the sporadically moving financial sector.


Social Distancing Means Sports History?

The NFL’s remotely broadcasted, socially-distanced Draft is its most watched draft ever. It had 15.6 million viewers, which is a 37% increase from last year, and a 26% increase from the last record. This is partially due to people being home, of course, but also due to the fact that usually the NFL draft has to compete for viewers against other sports drafts. This is also extremely impressive because they had no major technological glitches during the event.

Facebook Competes with ZOOM

Facebook Messenger Rooms, the newest installment of video conferencing services, looks a lot like Zoom, but apparently lacks its flaws. Some articles report how it seems to be a complete ripoff of Zoom in order to get in on this new need. This is not new for Facebook to recreate their own version of apps and services that already exist, in prior months they began pushing their own dating site. Rooms allow up to 50 people to video chat, which is less than Zooms 100, but unlike the free zoom sessions  that cap at 40 minutes, Room has no time limit. I will be curious to see if anyone switches to the alternative of Zoom during this time and if it is truly any better than what is being offered already.


Amazon assists COVID Virus Supply & Demand

This article discusses a recent change in Amazon as a result of COVID-19. Currently, the company is prioritizing essential goods over others, choosing to only stock warehouses with items in 6 different product categories. As a result of this change, nonessential items could take up to a month to ship to customers. For many customers who rely heavily on Amazon for goods, this is a shocking new reality. In most cases, any prime product will be delivered to your door in as little as two days. To ensure customers have access to essential items, the company is halting all nonessential product shipments. The other day, I went to purchase something on Amazon Prime, and upon checking out, I realized it would not be delivered until April 28-May 2nd. I was shocked and thought maybe it was some technological glitch. However, upon coming across this article, I learned that this is simply Amazon’s new reality. Even a company as wealthy and powerful as Amazon can not work around the crisis, our planet is currently facing.


Covid Compromising Digital Privacy?

image courtesy of MASS Engines

Data privacy and the fight against Covid-19 bring up the question of whether people are willing to give up their phones locations if it means slowing the spread of the pandemic. The U.S. government is in the works of getting granted access to users of companies like Facebook and Google to map the spread of the virus and potentially predict future outbreaks. The major problem is many Americans and tech companies lack trust in the government to stick to their word and only use it for the sole purpose of stopping the virus, what could they do with this new access to data once the pandemic hopefully slows down?