Amazon assists COVID Virus Supply & Demand

This article discusses a recent change in Amazon as a result of COVID-19. Currently, the company is prioritizing essential goods over others, choosing to only stock warehouses with items in 6 different product categories. As a result of this change, nonessential items could take up to a month to ship to customers. For many customers who rely heavily on Amazon for goods, this is a shocking new reality. In most cases, any prime product will be delivered to your door in as little as two days. To ensure customers have access to essential items, the company is halting all nonessential product shipments. The other day, I went to purchase something on Amazon Prime, and upon checking out, I realized it would not be delivered until April 28-May 2nd. I was shocked and thought maybe it was some technological glitch. However, upon coming across this article, I learned that this is simply Amazon’s new reality. Even a company as wealthy and powerful as Amazon can not work around the crisis, our planet is currently facing.



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