Coronavirus Changing The Movie Industry Permanantly

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused change in a lot of industries, especially the movie industry. Films are being available at home, and may never return to the theaters.

Disney recently announced their movie “Onward,” will become available digitally for $19.99, then will soon be available on Disney+. Typically, a movie recently released in theaters would not be available to watch at home for some time. The closure of theaters is convincing studios to break what’s known as the “window,” which is the three-month period between when a movie hits theaters, and when it’s offered as an on demand purchase or rental, and then later on streaming devices. 

Universal announced on Monday that they are going to make movies available at home on the same day as their theater release, starting with “Trolls World Tour.” Universal starting this may cause other companies to follow in their footsteps.


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