Twitter Shares Key Video Best Practices to Maximize Engagement

Twitter has published its latest findings on video engagement within user’s tweets. They partnered with GroupM to study how Twitter users are responding to videos posted in the app. They outlined how brands can maximize their videos on Twitter and generate more engagement.

Tip #1 is to keep it short and simple. They said, “When a message is conveyed in the first 3 seconds of a video ad, there’s a 13% increase in overall breakthrough metrics.” This means they advise you to include the key message of your video in the beginning, to make people want to continue watching.

Tip #2 is to include product and people. In addition to your key message in the beginning, Twitter says to open the video with a product in focus. They said, “When a video starts on a product, there’s a 24% increase in positive interest and 34% increase in click intent.”

Tip #3 is to use visual cues. They advise that brands position their logo in the video frame to make users even more aware. Twitter says, “We recommend a permanent placement in the upper-left or upper-right corner of the frame. When videos contain clear logo placement, there is a 30% increase in unaided brand recall. Also, consider using a dynamic logo to draw attention to your brand or product as it can lead to a 14% increase in unaided brand recall.”


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