NBA Uses Social Media for COVID-19 Education

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Following the positive COVID-19 test result for an NBA Player on the Utah Jazz, the NBA made the difficult decision to suspend their season.

While the league is not currently active, the teams and players are actively engaged on social media to educate fans about the Coronavirus. The campaign is called “NBA Together” and will serve two purposes; to educate fans about the virus, as well as provide tools for those coping with the effects of the pandemic. This campaign has inspired over 18 NBA and WNBA players to share informational videos on their social media accounts. These videos have earned over 37 million views across the league and players’ platforms.

Beyond providing information and educational resources, the NBA has gone a step further to commit over $30 million to help those effected by the virus and the pandemic.

As sports are a part of many fans everyday lives, the players are hoping to bridge this gap, by streaming replays of classic games through history as well as sitting down each weekday for individual live interviews.

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