Another “win” for Starbucks?


Image result for starbucks black friday tumbler


Starbucks recently announced it’s Black Friday deal; a refill tumbler with free refills for one month. Of course, this product is not coming with the cheapest price tag but it does come with free coffee or tea in a more unique gifting method other than gift cards. These supplies are limited so if you are a Starbucks Phanatic you should probably consider this holiday deal, and fast. The $40.00 tumbler is equivalent to a grande drink and not surprisingly excludes Starbucks “Reserve” coffees. The only unfortunate part of this tumbler deal is that you must first buy a drink to get your free refill of coffee or tea. However, for any customers who may cherish Starbucks’s holiday flavors, this gift could be the ultimate stocking stuffer or gift exchange!

In my opinion, I think this is a great gift for a friend, parent, and definitely a girlfriend. The price is about the equivalent as purchasing a gift card only now you get the tumbler! When comparing this concept to Dunkin’ I think Starbucks has taken a leading role in the coffee industry and other companies should look into what other options there are to make them stand out next to Starbucks. I’m not positive if this gift has been introduced during previous Starbuck’s holidays but it is surely one concept to continue in the future.



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