Audity Changing the Podcast Industry?

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Steve Michaels’ Asylum Entertainment Group Launches Audio Company Audity

As we become swept away by the overconsumption of streaming services, one medium that has received less attention over the years, but is also steadily increasing in popularity are podcasts. Recently, Steve Michaels of the Asylum Entertainment Group is launching an audio company that intends to seize the ever growing medium.

Prepared to launch is the company that will be known as Audity. The service will include but is not limited to only developing podcasts across genres including variety, music, sports, crime, lifestyle, and scripted. Audity also intends to target film and television adaptations, exploring experiential and cultural content to market to a variety of audiences.

Michaels added that the company is not going to follow the conventional podcast system listeners are accustomed today. Audity will empower creators and internally work with brands to create content that is broad and tonally diverse. 

The prospect of Audity’s services showcase the visual awareness the podcast industry is receiving. While I am not an avid podcast listener, Audity seems to inspire change, diversity, and culture implemented into its content. Thus, the many options Audity will release perhaps will welcome more intrigued podcast listeners.

In terms of changing the media landscape, Audity, to me, mirrors the Netflix vision. Containing a vast library of content themselves, Netflix redefined the SVOD industry with its massive library of original and repurposed content. Audity will similarly offer a broad spectrum, ultimately influencing our decisions in the way we consume podcasts. Netflix rarely releases its rating numbers and without the burden of logistics and business operations, there is more focus on the content. Audity will be a home for the storyteller, establishing an audio-forward model that ensues change and empowerment to the industry.


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