Streaming is the New Television?



On Sunday night the 71st annual Primetime Emmy Award show took place at The Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California. The show that was once based on awarding television shows for their greatness and creativity now finds itself awarding not only  broadcast television shows, but mostly streaming shows. HBO, Amazon and Netflix are the services that ended up taking most of the awards home. The shows that were heavily awarded were “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”, and of course HBO’s “Game of Thrones”. After all was said and done, HBO took home nine Emmy’s, followed by Amazon winning five, and Netflix winning four.

Though streaming sites took over the show, they took over the advertising as well. Over the 3-hour long special there were multiple ads for Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Disney+ and the upcoming Apple TV Plus streaming services. The question here is, how long will it be before schedule TV programming is no longer a source for our entertainment.It seems as if many subscribers prefer the “binging” method of receiving there entertainment as opposed to waiting for the shows to premier each week. In this era of television we now have to focus on what’s next.

Netflix made over 9.6 billion in revue last year alone. Which says that this is a constantly growing industry. We won’t truly understand the impact of streaming services until we have an idea of how many of these service will last the test of time.


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