Sony & Marvel Split Over Spider Man

spidermanSpider Man will always be one of the world’s favorite super heroes but it might be a while before we see him in movies again. According to WION, the Sony-Marvel relationship has split due failing to reach an agreement over co-financing. Marvel, which is a part of the Disney family has produced the previous two Spider Man movies and after last year’s successful release of the movie, Disney wanted to share co-financing on the future films and Sony preferred to keep the agreement the way it was for the other movies.

Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios president states “Unless a deal is reached, Holland will not appear in any future Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and no Marvel characters will appear in Holland’s solo films”. The relationship between Sony and Marvel several years ago when Marvel made the decision to help produce Sony’s Spider Man movies and it also opened the door for the new Sony Spider Man character to appear in Marvel movies.

Even though Marvel produced the Sony Spider Man movie, Sony owns the film rights. Who is right in this situation? It is unfortunate that the relationship between these two media giants has come to an end because the Sony Spider Man character has captured the hearts of the new Marvel generation but Anthony Russo, director of Sony spider Man said it best “it’s complicated.



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