Who’s Zooming Who?

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The rise of the COVID-19 pandemic caused schools across the nation to shut down entirely, sending their students back to their hometowns to learn remotely. In person classes were exchanged for online Zoom meetings, where one saw faces in tiny squares across the screen. Zoom took off as its features were easy to use, making logging onto class a seamless transition, yet there was a downside as it invaded privacy. 

Administrators running Zoom meetings control turning the camera/audio on, looking into chat logs, and other data as well. In The Dartmouth article, “Zoom Usage Raises Questions About Student Data, Security”, the Dean of Undergraduate Education in the Thayer School of Engineering discusses “Big Brother mode” which allows professors, or anyone running Zoom, to see which individuals kept their audio/video on and even if the students have the app open on their computer. This raises concerns about privacy, leaving people wondering how much authoritative control should be allowed with the platform. 

As can be read in Business Insider, “Is that actually a Fourth Amendment violation of warrantless search and seizure because you didn’t invite them in your home, yet your kid is getting suspended or police are being called because of something that was seen on Zoom” (Business Insider). This is a dangerous precedent which allows schools to monitor students without their permission. Furthermore, “Zoom was sued in April over accusations that it was sharing data with Facebook without telling users. Two families  sued Google over suspicions that it collected their children’s biometric data” (Business Insider). 

In addition, hackers across the world have used this opportunity to invade meetings, in what is called “Zoom bombings.” Oftentimes, it’s harmless interruptions, which cause some chaos, but other times it is targeted hate speech. Zoom already has protective measures to prevent “Zoom bombings” but hackers have gone further to find vulnerabilities, or weak spots, within the platform to break through those barriers. These weaknesses in privacy created a digital disruption that Zoom had to transform from having little oversight and understanding, to providing a secure and safe place for school and work.





Kim Kardashian Unseen

Photo Credit: CNN 

Kim Kardashian stepped foot on the red carpet at the 2021 Met Gala in a black T-shirt dress with black gloves and stockings. The most amazing aspect to her Balenciaga creation was her anonymity. Although she technically arrived alone, a mystery man from Kanye West’s office, a stand-in for her famous ex-husband, accompanied the iconic Ms. Kardashian. Although they were totally enmeshed in fabric, Kardashian was immediately recognizable by her silhouette. 

The internet had trouble putting together her outfit with the Met Gala’s evening theme, “American Independence”. Many wondered if the clothing choice was a commentary on the Black Lives Matter movement. Kim Kardashian took to social media, posting a picture from the Met Gala which was captioned, “What’s more American than a T-shirt head to toe?!” This was the only public statement she made. 

The fans were not impressed as no one knew what it meant. Instead, they tried in vain to piece it together themselves, which resulted in viral tweets, with some fans comparing Kardashian’s outfit to a Harry Potter Dementor. 

It is curious that someone so famous is recognizable even while completely incognito. The Kardashians are an internationally known pop culture staple. It is an interesting commentary on our society as a whole that we are so fascinated by celebrities. Even when they try to hide themselves, they are still recognizable. The media helped make the Kardashians a household name by conditioning the audience to see them, even when we cannot. It remains to be seen whether Kardashian will ever reveal what her outfit is about, whether it was a commentary about celebrity anonymity or even a statement about wearing a face mask in the age of COVID. No matter what, Kardashian’s ability to create a buzz could be a good study on human behavior.




Tesla makes ugly things


What in the back to the future reject is this?

Who approved this? Look at the windshield wiper!! I am shedding real tears right now guys!!!

Hey Elon if you need a designer I am available. I have 0 experience but I can certainly do better than this!!

After the photo leak Elon Musk commented:  “No easy solution. Deployable wiper that stows in front trunk would be ideal, but complex.”

What’s not complex about the cyber truck?

Scheduled to start shipping in spring 2022 you too can look like a over compensating idiot in your dump truck.

Originally found in Verge


BTS ain’t nothing to play with!!

Over on twitter the team is doing there yearly round up of the world’s popular tweets. And nestled in between Presidents, vice presidents and former presidents. We have a kissy face Pic from BTS member Jungkook that wracked up 3.2 million likes. 3.2 MILLION!! For kissy face.

WHAT did I just write!

But they do use their powers for good. The most retweeted tweet comes from the group as well. The tweet is a response and statement about the rash of Asian hate crimes in America.  So, getting that word out was extremely positive.

I will not say anything else about BTS because their fans are relentless and will have my head in days.



Some Good Tech News

Images: Adam Mosseri

Instagram is finally bringing back Chronological order!! After many years of torture and continuous feedback users. It looks like Instagram heads are finally listening.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri answered questions on his stories to get the word out. The Chrono release has a target for early 2022.

Two versions are being tested for release.

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A remake is coming that is actually cool!

Image: Square Enix

A Final Fantasy Remake VII is coming to PC.

Originally you could only play on PlayStation now many more can enjoy the historic game.

This is so cool! A number of features have been added to enhance the gaming experience. While new chapters have been as well.

Final Fantasy VII hits PC 12/16


Ooooooh Somebodies going to jail!

Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Or maybe not!

Remember Wikileaks?

Yeah… that’s coming back to rear its ugly head.

Julian Assange may see a US jail cell. But he is currently fighting extradition.

Assange has been indicted by US prosecutors on 18 counts, including 17 espionage charges and one charge of computer misuse. He’s accused of conspiring to hack into US military computers in order to publish confidential military and diplomatic documents on WikiLeaks. 

And like most sane people he doesn’t want to go to jail.

So, he sought refuge in Russia than Ecuador and now HM Prison Belmarsh in the UK.

The fight continues for Assange.

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Reddit strikes again!

Image: Unknown

But this time it is for a noble cause. Redditors are trying to take Kellogg’s down.

The deets: Kellogg workers are on strike for more than two months over stalled union negotiations with the company.

Over 1400 workers are striking. And Kellogg is looking to hire permanent workers for there plants covering multiple states.

Reddit is having none of it!

On the subreddit r/antiwork found out about the problem and did what needed to be done.

They spammed the job posting to make it virtually impossible for recruiters to find viable candidates.

And their efforts have been beyond successful.

Hiring candidates have not been fruitful.

Keep up the good fight Reddit

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Mercedes Benz does NOT want you watch TV and Drive.

Photo by Andrew Hawkins / The Verge

MB took the time to fix a server issue with its electric vehicles. The bug would allow drivers to watch TV, scroll Instagram and other entertainment options on its 56’ hyper screen.

Which could be a little distracting.

 A recall has been issued for the car by the German car maker.

So great news…. They don’t want you to die!! Because that’s what happens when you watch TV and drive.

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NFT Girlfriends are a thing!


Yes, people are paying real money for fake girlfriends.

The concept is like any other NFT. Its all about the exclusivity. And people are spending upwards if


But for way less money you could have a real girlfriend.

Just my thoughts!

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