Hulu Pulls Travis Scott Documentary After Backlash

Hulu - Astroworld Concert From Hell
Image Via

The streaming wars have resulted in many platforms going to great lengths for new and original content. Documentaries have been on the rise since the inception of COVID-19, and Hulu was quick to turn around a documentary titled Astroworld: Concert from Hell. On Wednesday, the documentary was released and swiftly taken down after backlash on social media. The documentary was 50 minutes long and featured videos from the concert and testimonies from attendees. Hulu has since released a statement saying that the 50 minute video was not a Hulu documentary and misinterpreted by the public. Many people do not believe that statement. The overall public response has been that it was in poor taste to release this documentary when people are still mourning loved ones. Many have also criticized how high the production value could be, given that it was ready so quickly after the incident.

“This was an investigative local news special from ABC13/KTRK-TV in Houston that originally aired on November 20th. This was not a Hulu documentary and has since been removed to avoid confusion.”


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