Omicron: Variant Unknown

(Al Jazeera)

COVID-19 has been a worldwide issue for just about two years, and it will not be going away any time soon, if ever. There are new variants of the disease that are spreading, the newest one being named Omicron. Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, there was a surge in news coverage over the new variant. The issue with this coverage is that there is a scarce amount of information on the new Omicron variant. Author and Podcaster Derek Thompson, a relevant source on the topic, claims that we have information on the variant but are not sure what much of it really means yet. The government’s angle on this is to report that this is a potential health risk, but to not misinform the public, whether that means they make people too scared of it or not aware of enough of the risks.

            The whole COVID situation is relevant to every person in the world. Obviously, the situation is not good for anybody, but we have to be aware of it. I am tired of dealing with COVID and all of the variants just as much as anybody else is, but we must know the information surrounding the disease and the health risks of the variants. While information on Omicron is not readily available, we must stay on our toes for incoming news about it and the future it could leave our country in.  


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