Instagram adds features for small business success

GP: Facebook Instagram logos on smartphone
Source: Getty Images

This month, Instagram added a new feature making it easier to small business to sell services through the app, including gift cards or food orders, through their company site.

In complement to this feature, Instagram added a sticker for users to add to their stories to encourage follower support of local small businesses.

Facebook also launched gift cards for small business, in support of these businesses as well as their own interest, as a large number of their customers are small businesses. 140 million businesses across the Facebook apps and 8 million of them are advertisers.

Small businesses generate a large portion of Facebook and Instagram’s revenue, so their promotion is not 100% from the goodness of their hearts. The businesses provide revenue as well as priceless content and entertainment for Instagram and Facebook’s consumers. Instagram COO Justin Osofsky says, We want to do our part in helping them stay open, keep in touch with customers, and be informed on how to navigate this crisis.”

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