Beating Facial Recognition software

Facial recognition software is no longer a hypothetical instrument used in the future it’s here and now. London and Chinese police have already begun to implement the software in real time in their respected countries closed-captioned TV network. The software is able to track the whereabouts of any individual that it targets. Facial recognition is a huge topic in today’s politics and cities like San Francisco have already banned the technology for police use and other government agencies. This new technology is problematic however covering your face is a simple hack to beat the software. Wearing a facemask in public isn’t exactly practical either. To combat this artist and fashion designers are creating new ways to fool the software.

One method to beat facial recognition is anti-facial recognition makeup. The makeup design template was developed by artist Adam Harvey as a way to promote conversations about being under surveillance in public spaces. The make up makes the individual stand out in reality but hides their identity digitally by blending lines, shapes, and colors that create a façade to hide ones face from recognition software.  This method won’t stop all facial recognition software however. For instance your Iphone and other technologies use an infrared dot-mapping grid that can easily discern your face no matter what makeup tricks you use. So to fight this researches from china and Indiana University have developed a hat that emits an infrared light pattern that completed disrupts the infrared recognition software.

In order to beat facial recognition software you have to know what you are up against. As soon as the software can be beaten the developers will make updates and fortify their technology. The cat and mouse game of facial recognition is in full swing.




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