How Social Media is Changing the Way We Eat

Celebrity Chef Heston Blumenthal from

In the Independent article, Heston Blumenthal Criticizes People who Take Photos of their Food Before Eating It by Sarah Young, Blumenthal, a celebrity chef and owner of the Michelin-star rated Fat Duck restaurant shares his views on social media in the dining realm. He believes that our constant use of social media, including our tendency to photograph our food prior to enjoying it, is taking us farther from the present moment, and true enjoyment. A 2014 study conducted by BYU Marriott School of Management found that over-exposure to images of food can affect satiation. According to Professor Joseph Redden of the Independent, “If we spend too much time repeatedly viewing such foods, our paper suggests this can lead to pre-satiation. That is, you’re already a bit tired of the food before you even start eating it.” Blumenthal also makes an interesting point, saying that due to the societal preoccupation with social media, in many ways sight has become more important in a dining experience than taste or smell. This is an important issue as social media is an ever present force in the lives of many, and is evidently even having neurological impacts on our enjoyment of certain experiences, such as dining. Traditionally, dining out was meant to be a luxurious experience, all about experience of the venue, the smells, and the taste of professionally prepared food. When even our food becomes digitized, it raises the question, do we even need to leave our homes to experience restaurant level satiety and enjoyment?



One thought on “How Social Media is Changing the Way We Eat

  1. David Son

    I agree that we can become pre exposed to the food before we even start eating it. I also think social media is a huge advantage for the food industry these days, because those people taking those pictures are in some way marketing a restaurants products. As for myself, I usually do not take pictures of my food, but I have a list of restaurants I want to try because I have seen them on the internet.


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