Tackling Deepfakes

Twitter has spoken out on how it plans to take on what it describes as “synthetic and manipulated media.” They have released draft guidelines on how it plans to handle deepfakes, but it wants its users to chime in and help shape their potential polices. Twitter deems- any media that has significantly altered or fabricated with the intention to mislead people or misconstrued the original message- as its definition for synthetic and manipulated media, these are often through deepfakes and shallow-fakes.

The current guidelines allow Twitter may place notice, warn people before they share or like, or add a link citing why it is believed the media to be false. If Twitter thinks a deepfake has harmful intentions it can remove the tweet entirely, the site already banned porn deepfakes last year. But none of these guidelines are finalized, and users have until November 27th to give feedback using through surveys and hashtags. The Twitter teams will review the feedback and incorporate it into its guidelines, releasing the finalized version 30 days before they go into full effect.

This is the first time I have seen or heard any social media platform to start taking action against deepfakes and other forms of media manipulation and I am quite honestly impressed. To see Twitter taking a notion on a problem, that might not be too dangerous now, but could cause issues in the foreseeable future is important. Deepfakes and other related media are starting to become more common, but since they haven’t caused major chaos nobody does anything until its too late. To be ahead of the game and prevent any major disasters is so important in the digital age filled of fake news and bad intentions. I also commend Twitter utilizing it user base and allowing the people to tell them what they think should be put in place as guidelines, it means they care about taking the right measures to ensure their people feel protected.



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