The Google Pixel 4 furthers Google as a media company



On October 15, 2019 Google release the Pixel 4. This is the fourth phone by the company and apparently the best release they have ever had. In the past there have been rave reviews about the phone regarding certain capabilities such as the camera and battery life. However, the newer version of the phone is being praised in more areas than two.

Google has become a media giant and an internet staple for the past 15 years. Though the company began releasing devices 6 years ago they continue to expand as a media company . In a world where we are competing with Apple and Amazon the strive to be outstanding in the media an tech world is becoming harder. Over the past 10 years Google has been searching for ways to be the biggest player in the tech world. The company’s Google Glass didn’t match its projected result. In 2011 the company bought the streaming website YouTube, which ended up being a great decision.

This raises the question of who’s going to be the biggest media company of this generation, are we still deciding or have one of these companies already won the race.


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