Quibi & ESPN Team Up

Quibi is a tech and entertainment startup company that is  all about being brief and quick bites. The company was built with millennials in mind because they know and understand that streaming services is the present and definitely the future. The mobile video platform that plans to launch in April 2020 has just struck a deal to collaborate with ESPN. ESPN, the home for all sports content plans to create a short daily sport show that talk about the big moments in sports from the day before. The content will be shorter content that viewers tend to watch on Sports Center and other Daily 30 minutes to an hour sports talk show. Connor Schell, EVP of Content for ESPN states:

“Wherever fans are having a conversation around sports, ESPN wants to be there. We’re looking forward to taking the best of what we do and delivering it in a way that resonates with Quibi subscribers looking to be informed, entertained and engaged around the sports news of the day.”

CBS News has already come to an agreement to work with the upcoming company. They will be producing a news show that will ultimately be the extremely short version of 60 Minutes. Not only Disney, who is the parent company for ESPN, but many other media giants are coming together and getting behind this company. Both consumers, collaborators, and investors are expecting great things once Quibi launches in the upcoming months.

The concept behind Quibi is incredible because we are in a time now where humans have 6 seconds attention span, so things need to catch our eyes right away and we don’t want to waste a a lot of time getting to the point. Quibi is truly sticking to their plan of targeting millennials – the platform will be quick, easy, and on-the-go.


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